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Meaning of the name

Alexei in translation from Greek means "defender".


Alexey will be born to a calm, self-confident woman. Alyosha looks very much like his mother, but he rarely inherits character. From childhood, he feels like the protector of his mother, and as he matures, he becomes the protector of all women. Alexey is benevolent, a man of action. In childhood, enjoys the authority of friends.

Adults are diligent, happy to do painstaking work. Whatever Alexei does, he is good at what he does. They are ambitious, and this helps them achieve a good position in society.

Alexei are creative personalities, among them are often artists, writers and actors. The exact sciences are not alien to them either. They make good engineers, physicists, surgeons and criminologists. Intuition contributes to Alekseev's success.

Alexei has a character trait that all mothers-in-law appreciate - complaisance. He is always calm, detailed, hardworking, persistent and conscientious. He is inferior to his wife in trifles, but in serious matters he shows firmness. Alexei are touchy and vulnerable.

In women, Alexei values ​​cleanliness. God forbid to appear in front of him in a greasy robe: he will be silent, but will make it clear that this is unpleasant for him. In conflicts between a wife and others, she always takes her side, even if she is not right. Without being jealous, the wife can lead Alexei by the nose for a long time.

Alexey is faithful, most often - out of a sense of disgust. He cares more about children than about himself. Until old age, he retains filial affection for his parents. Aleksei born in winter are more difficult to communicate.


He is not very skilled at sex games, but nevertheless easily wins. Alexey is vulnerable, sensitive and careful in his contacts with partners - this mainly concerns "summer" men. In general, he is curious, seeks to learn all forms of sexual relations, gain experience. He tries to adapt to his partner, because of his modesty he prefers women a little older than himself, more experienced, but at the same time affectionate and delicate.

Unexpectedly, even for himself, he can show amazing abilities that make him free, liberated in sex. If it happens that at the first intimacy with a woman he is defeated, this does not lead him to stress, but only increases the desire to meet a suitable partner, and the more successfully and faster this search is completed, the more confidence Alexei gains in the field of sex.

He does not like to often change his friends, in this sense Alexey is cautious and indecisive. With intimacy, he tries to choose a position so that his partner experiences an orgasm, doing it gently, very delicately and naturally. Enjoying love, he is in no hurry to be the first to finish intercourse. His behavior enhances the partner's arousal, her desire to prolong foreplay.

Alexey is trying to play a leading role in an intimate relationship. He should not choose his wife, who was also born in winter, - this will be a rather difficult union. In marriage, uncompromising, persistent. Can argue over trifles, annoyed at objections. Fights for independence and economic superiority over his wife. Children of different sexes are born.

The nature is delicate, vulnerable. He can be very gentle with a woman who is gentle herself. Does not tolerate rudeness, is not afraid of ridicule, but considers it bad form. She carefully prepares for an intimate meeting, spares no expense to make a small holiday for her partner: flowers, sweets, delicacies - all this is for the beloved. But a woman should not delude herself that all this is being done for her alone, Alexey is equally attentive to all partners.

He knows how to set the table, loves beautiful dishes, sophisticated surroundings, dim lights, good music. All this is important first of all for himself, but he hopes that his partner will also like it. He prefers to deal with experienced women, tries to get maximum pleasure from sexual contact. He likes sophisticated caresses, during which he can experience an orgasm.

Alexey will not meet for a long time with a woman who is notorious, shackled in intimate relationships. The best partner for him may be a woman born in January, sex with her will be the most complete for him, and Alexei will not want to part with her.


Orange and scarlet.

A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo.


The sound of the name Aleksey gives the impression of something good, beautiful, light, light.

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