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Meaning of the name

Anatoly in translation from Greek means "east", "east", and also "ascending". The ancient Greeks called Anatolia the inhabitant of Anatolia (the ancient name of Asia Minor, located east of Greece).


Anatoly knows how to get along with people and is reputed to be a man of docile nature, but in extreme situations he can oppose himself to the team, become uncontrollable, prickly and quarrelsome.

Anatolians in childhood are withdrawn and not sure of themselves. Cuddled by their mothers and fearful of the streets, Anatolia loves to read science fiction and adventure novels, imagining themselves as superman heroes. Growing up, they cease to be "mama's sons", they are respected by their peers for their intelligence and knowledge. But in their hearts they remain romantics.

Anatoly has a developed sense of justice; if he leads people, then he does it in a form that does not humiliate human dignity. Delicate.

These men are reasonable, balanced, easily win the trust of women. They adore blondes. Wives quickly develop good relationships with their parents, especially with the father-in-law, who is treated like a good old friend.

Anatoly easily gets used to alcohol. He should not drink because he does not control himself well when drunk, is rude, and can start a fight.

Anatolia is endowed with a variety of talents. These are business, active-minded people. They have good intuition, but they should not be addicted to alcohol. "

Reliable, kind and trusting, not indifferent to praise, avid travelers. Some are squeamish. Not self-critical.

There may be problems in Anatoly's family. Often a wife strives for tough leadership, imposing her opinion on any issue. The wife’s dictate sometimes takes rough forms. Therefore, it is not surprising that one day Anatoly will leave home for no apparent reason.

Anatoly does not always develop really warm relations with children, he does not always find a common language. Therefore, Anatoly may suddenly leave the family, trying to get rid of the heavy burden of problems. Despite the fact that Anatoly is a good worker, he does not earn enough.

Anatolians, born in the winter and autumn months, are active, have versatile hobbies, love to travel, relax in the south. They become excellent educators, talented politicians, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Anatoly is an authority for others and can lead people. He is kind and brave, you can rely on him.

He can calmly find a common language with people of different characters. But in critical situations, he can go against the team, become uncontrollable and create difficulties for people close to him.

Often he is the soul of society, a reliable friend and colleague. He achieves success in his professional activities. It is difficult to defeat rivals and envious people. He is fair, he will never offend a person in the heat of the moment. If he leads people, then he will not allow humiliation of human dignity.


This is an introverted personality, turned inward, other people are only a means for introspection. He leads a rich sex life, giving his partners an unforgettable experience, but his inner world remains closed to them. Often Anatoly feels infinitely lonely, so he often fails in sex, deeply experiencing these failures.

There is no woman who could fully understand him. Each of them will remember the minutes spent with him for a long time, while he will happily forget about them and take care of himself exclusively. Anatoly is gifted with a vivid imagination and good intuition. Loves to talk on intimate topics, speaks about it charmingly, describing the beauty of his girlfriend's body.

Anatolians can go through several marriages until they finally find themselves a worthy chosen one. Sex takes pride of place in their lives. Some of them are able to maintain platonic relationships and experience their passion alone, others (for example, "July") easily succumb to passion, their sensuality is strong and infectious.

Anatolians are not conquerors, they prefer to be chosen, otherwise they will step aside without scenes of jealousy. Difficulty establishing relationships with women; disappointed, do not know how to terminate the connection. They hesitate for a long time, not daring to leave or stay. They are silent, somewhat morose, often fall in love with women in something flawed, trying to save them with their love.

Born in spring - smart, well-mannered, but too vulnerable, he can offend a carelessly thrown word. Does not tolerate indifference to himself. In the family he is capricious, touchy, it is difficult to get along with him. Girls are born. In sex it is moderate, but not indifferent to it.

Born in the summer should always feel welcome. This is an agreeable, forgiving partner who values ​​a good figure and sexual performance in a woman. He prefers a bird in his hands to a crane in the sky.

"Winter" Anatoly is hypersexual, always ready to make love. His attraction is heightened, he likes all women, he sees a zest in each. If he meets a partner who fully meets his requirements, he tries to keep in touch with her as long as possible.

Prolonged intercourse Anatoly tires, he tries to alternate sexual acts with various kinds of entertainment. He is squeamish and susceptible to unpleasant odors, not every woman can get complete satisfaction. In this case, he tries not to meet with a partner anymore and easily finds another. He does not like it when a woman makes any sounds during intercourse, it annoys him, distracts him.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Anatoly gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, light, active, bright, joyful.

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