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Meaning of the name

Old Germanic means "baby", Old English means "noble estate".


Alice is an obligatory girl and, despite some laziness, everyone's favorite. Outwardly similar to her father.

They are docile and pragmatic people, they are very clean, thrifty, do not like to throw money down the drain. Disgusted. They have a synthetic type of thinking. However, you need to make sure that these girls do not grab the top, but delve into the essence of the problem.

Alice, born in winter, with a controversial character; persistent to the point of stubbornness, principled, but fair. They are decisive in their actions and do not regret what they did. In the team, they are more friends with male colleagues, but they try to keep in the shadows, not standing out in any way. They do their job calmly and be sure to bring it to the end.

Born in summer they are softer, sentimental and completely devoid of envy. They get married late, but they manage to find a common language with their mother-in-law, and often they live with her. They are hospitable, know how to well receive and entertain guests. They love beautiful antique dishes.

Alice is a cheerful and sociable person. At the same time, Alice's self-esteem is usually developed quite strongly, it is possible that ambitious dreams of a career will somewhat distract her from her personal life, and then it will be quite difficult for her to get married.

In addition, most of the bearers of this name have a dreaminess and a penchant for fantasies, which is largely associated with the image of Alice, who came straight from the fairy tale of Lewis Carroll to Wonderland.

Rather, they are people of action. It's easier for them to do something than to talk about it. They have a masculine manner to lead and rule. Objective and self-confident. You will find true friends in these women. They know how to be friends with both men and women.

They light up easily, but they always act with consideration. They love to contradict and say no. There is something hidden, unknown, shrouded in mystery in them, which makes people around them wonder about their identity.

These women always carry out their plans. The most important thing for them is to choose a profession. Choosing a job where it is necessary to order, even if it involves risk. If they are already interested in art, they will definitely become sculptors or painters. In any case, they manage to circle others. They are active and try to make a career in professions belonging to the category of men.

It seems to them that they have equine health, therefore they do not spare themselves, sleep little, eat irrationally, work too much. Minor ailments can make their life difficult. Weak points: autonomic nervous system, genitals.

They are incomparable hostesses, they cook well and know how to entertain guests, skillfully and intelligently use advantageous acquaintances in their own interests. They treat the family with great love, but they are still independent in character.

To mortally offend Alice, it is often enough to simply doubt her honesty, while she will most likely react to the conflict with irony, and maybe even mockery. In order to make your relationship with Alice more trusting, try to dream a little with her.


Women with this type of character feel strong attraction and strive to live life to the fullest. Their sexuality is everything together: delicacy, pleasure, spiritualized sex, happiness and unhappiness.

The morality of these women does not keep pace with their actions, like the commissary's baggage for the army. If it suits them, they can change their moral principles.

For some reason, their husbands come across with a difficult character, and Alice has to make a lot of efforts to keep the family at peace. They usually have one child, most often a son.


Dark brown.

A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Alice gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, light, bright, joyful.

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