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Meaning of the name

Anisim translated from Greek means "fulfillment", "completion".


Stubborn, persistent, courageous, will not allow himself to be offended, has a good memory, at the same time he is easily vulnerable and chooses his friends with great care.

Through diligence, he achieves great success in life, has a happy ability to see the problem as a whole. Born in the fall is very obligatory and requires the same from others. To maintain health, Anisim must move more, not abuse alcohol, monitor blood pressure.

Only "winter" and "summer" Anisims are fond of sports, achieving high results in swimming and gymnastics.

Gravitates towards technical creativity. Thanks to his analytical mind and developed intuition, he achieves professional success in the field of his work.


Stubborn, selfish, cannot stand loneliness. Always sexually concerned.

He never has so-called male problems. But he is not able to appreciate the individuality in a woman, so he often has to change his partner. When sexual harmony with his wife is achieved, he does not start mistresses.

In marriage, he is not always successful, but patiently tries to establish a family life; helps his wife with the housework, pays a lot of attention to children. As a rule, the father of a large family.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Capricorn, Leo, Libra, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Anisim gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, majestic, courageous, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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