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Meaning of the name

Apollinaris translated from Greek means "dedicated to Apollo" - the ancient Greek god of the Sun, patron of the arts.


A life-lover, an active fighter, he is constantly looking for a way to self-actualize and take a leading position. Strong-willed, does not lend itself to someone else's influence, threats cannot be achieved from him. He takes failure very close to his heart, needs understanding and love. Not a bad psychologist, endowed with strong intuition, but envious.

Love and hate ripen in him gradually, but remain forever. He knows how to control himself, has an excellent memory that notes and classifies everything.

Apollinarius is in good health, but he needs to avoid overwork and overeating, and not to abuse alcohol. The weak point of the body is the stomach.

Apollinaris loves his home, he is a wonderful father, demanding and affectionate.

Hardworking, laconic. He achieves success if he chose the right profession in due time. Has a penchant for research activities, medicine, especially its non-traditional methods ...


In contact with a woman, he is completely captured by her youth, beauty and suppleness of the body, words that sound like flattery and compliments uttered by him at the moment of intimacy are true.

He seeks sexual contact and if he meets difficulties, he does not take them too close to his heart, does not become aggressive.

Apollinarius prefers partners who are much higher than him on the social ladder. Apollinaris is difficult, persistent, but when he wants to achieve his goal, he is able to show flexibility. Loves women and does not lack their choice.

Apollinarius hesitates for a long time to tie himself by marriage, not being sure of his masculinity. He has a broad, generous nature, he is charming, loves variety, does not tolerate a template.


Dark green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Scorpio, Libra.


The sound of the name Apollinaris gives the impression of something mobile, bright, joyful.

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