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Any celebrity strives to succeed not only in their main profession, but also in something else. Most of this literature remained appreciated only by the most dedicated fans, but there were books that could become real bestsellers.

Jay-Z, Decoded, 2010. The title of the book can be translated as “decoded”. It is this word that fully corresponds to the content of this work. The famous rapper revealed the whole truth about how he was able to transform from a young drug dealer to a tycoon in the music industry. Jay Z spoke about the harsh customs that prevail in black neighborhoods, and also deciphered some of the lyrics of his songs to the reader. This book talks about how often blacks are forced to face violence and injustice, life itself forces them to do bad things in the name of good.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian, Kardashian Confidential, 2010. This book has three authors at once - these are the Kardashian sisters. Their Confidentiality sold 275,000 copies, making it a New York Times bestseller list. This is a story of all three sisters, filled with revelations and confessions. The Kardashians tell the secrets of their beauty and style and share those simple everyday wisdom that their parents awarded them. The book also contains quite a lot of children's and teenage photographs of sisters, pictures of their postcards and girls' notes.

Pamela Anderson, Star, 2005. This book titled "The Star" was the debut of the busty blonde in the world of literature. Pamela tells a banal story about how a provincial girl came to conquer Hollywood. Only this time the story ended with a happy ending. The star associates the main character with herself, urging all young girls not to give up their dreams, no matter how unrealistic they are. Pamela herself was able to realistically assess her literary talents. She called her book, although not the most significant event in the book world, but entertaining and sometimes even instructive reading.

Naomi Campbell, Swan, 1996. What else can a supermodel write about if not high fashion? Her book will tell about how difficult and thorny the path to the catwalk is for young fashion models. The main character of her book is called Swan (Swan). She comes from an English aristocratic family. The girl has a dazzling appearance and incredible grace, which allows her to quickly achieve the status of a supermodel. But along with fame, she also gets the attention of a killer maniac, as well as a noble admirer who implicates the fashion model in a bad story. Next to Swann are five model girlfriends who live their intrigues, gossip and love dramas.

Macaulay Culkin, Junior, 2007. This book by the famous Hollywood prodigy actor is autobiographical. Macaulay tells readers that his childhood as an actor was rather difficult, in addition, he had a rather strained relationship with his parents. The words of the book seem to be an inner monologue of the author, where he talks about his mental anguish, about the star fever that has swept over him, and about the difficult divorce of his parents. Literary critics greeted this work rather coolly, but it will be useful for children from wealthy families to read Culkin's book.

John Lennon, A Spaniard in the Works, 1965. This book became the second for the most famous "Beatle". In his "The Expander at Work" Lennon tried to give the impression that he is not of this world - his manuscript looks rather strange. John's stories and poems are manic-depressive. The musician in his book boldly ridicules the church and Christian dogma, state, politics and other traditional things. I must say that "The Expander at Work" met the interest of readers, as a result, the book has sold 3.6 million copies. Lennon amazes everyone with his wit and unformatted statements for most authors. Thanks to this book, a whole generation has learned to think freely, and not follow generally accepted dogmas.

Britney Spears, Mother gift, 2001. The book “Mother's Gift” was written by a diligent daughter who tried to tell the world about her warm and touching relationship with her mother. The star talked about her childhood, expressing gratitude to her mother for what she was able to make a world celebrity out of Britney. However, over time, the book became the cause of a scandal. After all, everyone learned from her that Britney's mother tried to constantly make money on her. The daughter became for her an inanimate doll, capable only of making money.

Sharon Osborne, Revenge, 2009. The title of this book is translated as "Revenge." There, the author, not without irony, tells the story of two sisters who are literally obsessed with fame and fortune. In pursuing their dreams, girls have learned to truthfully lie and play with human souls, which leads them to the most ridiculous situations. Sharon was able to describe many of the subtleties in the relationship of sisters and show how important it is to maintain family ties even on the dishonest path to success.

Marlon Brando, Fan Tan, 2005. Already at the end of his life, the great actor told us the fascinating story of a pirate. His life was filled with unpredictable and vivid adventures and stick, strong love. The main character is prone to adventures, all in the name of great love for an Asian beauty. The New York Times called the book one of the most striking pirate stories ever written. And the main character himself was honored with comparison with the author, Marlon Brando.

Madonna, Sex, 1992. Sex Generation Idol named her book catchy and bright. Madonna is generally famous for creating an atmosphere of unbridled passion and eroticism around herself. She was never shy about declaring her desires, it seemed that nothing could embarrass her. In 1992, the singer released the book "Sex" with illustrations. On its pages, Madonna shares her fantasies with readers. Photos of the book are accompanied by erotic letters from the star to his lovers and mistresses. The book aroused such interest that millions of copies were sold around the world. We can safely say that with the help of such a tool, Madonna taught people not to be ashamed of their sexual desires and addictions.

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