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Meaning of the name

Avaz translated from Arabic means "replacement".


Since childhood, a calm boy, with the exception of those born in winter - they are more impulsive and unbalanced. Parents should protect the nervous system of Avaz, it is easy to injure him, throw him off balance. Attends kindergarten willingly, is sociable and kind. However, he will not let himself be offended.

Avaz is very persistent, it is impossible to go to the store with him: he asks to buy everything, if he is refused, he can throw a tantrum. He will definitely get his way. She studies well at school, but most of all she loves to study in a technical circle after school, she is an excellent designer.

Avaz is physically hardy and has a strong will. May be a professional athlete. Avaza achieve the greatest results in various types of wrestling.

Avaz takes friendship seriously, he has many friends. A reliable companion, very obligatory, will never let you down. He becomes independent early, he chooses his own profession. He is fond of design and has all the data to become a designer. Can be a good teacher: easily finds a common language with children. In addition to the main specialty, he can master several more.

Avaz is proud and independent, when he starts living independently, he will never turn to his parents for help. On the contrary, he tries to help them financially. Avaz trusts few people, tries to either do everything himself, or is obliged to check it personally. He loves initiative colleagues, accepts everything new with interest, he is an irrepressible enthusiast, an optimist, he believes in luck.

Avaz enthusiastically takes on every task and never retreats half way. He is not afraid of difficulties, without them he is simply not interested. If he manages to choose the right profession, he can devote his whole life to his favorite work. He is a realist by nature, does not create illusions. He knows that without work you will not achieve anything, and is ready to fight to the last.

Avaz is a cheerful and sociable person. Loves small companies, knows how to entertain everyone. Maintains friendly relations with many classmates and fellow students. He loves to travel, goes on business trips with pleasure, enjoys new meetings, acquaintance with new places. Quickly converges with people. Dislikes talkative men, does not tolerate gossip. He is annoyed by slow and unnecessary colleagues.

Avaz drives a car well, he can repair it himself, but he rarely does it. He loves animals, especially dogs, knows about breeds. Avaz is a very attentive son, he always remembers his parents, often calls them, loves to give them gifts.


He is capable of strong erotic experiences, sex is important to him, but does not play a primary role. Avaz burns with an even sensual flame, he is romantic, requires attention and has a rare ability to restore broken ties. In a partner, first of all, values ​​loyalty. He will not shower his beloved with money, but she will always feel his caring hand.

Avaz is extremely susceptible and jealous, does not forgive his wife's betrayals, although he himself is not averse to testing his male abilities on others without any remorse. She loves delicious food, good drinks, entertainment, nature, pleasant company.

Avaz is not one of those men who follow the one who calls. He must conquer a woman, moreover, worthy of himself and quite independent. Avaz feels the need for strong experiences and intense pleasures, he is constantly in a state of excitement.

For him, sex life is not necessarily what love should crown. He sees sex as a means of satisfying love passion, which is beneficial to health and brings peace of mind. In intimate relationships, he likes to dominate, to lead a partner, in a woman's caresses he appreciates the element of her "bestowal", weakness, guessing his desires.

She loves her partner to admire him, his skill, and talk about it aloud. It happens that with his caresses Avaz to some extent compensates for the fading sexual potential. Avaz's sexual need is largely determined by the partner's attitude to sex, her trust in him, and the higher the professionalism of the partner, the stronger the feeling of happiness and satisfaction in him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Capricorn.


The sound of the name Avaz gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, strong, brave, powerful, big, active, bright, joyful.

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