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Meaning of the name

Beatrice in Latin means "bringing happiness".


The nature is contradictory: creative, but infantile. Women with this name are very attractive, enjoy great success with men and are good at luring them into their nets. Everything they do turns out to be very unobtrusive, feminine and sexy.

But these "soft cats" will release their claws at the first opportunity. Their creative efforts are mainly focused on themselves: taking care of their own appearance and comfortable environment.

Very jealous. In childhood, they are jealous of their parents (for their younger brothers and sisters), in their youth - their first love for the whole world. Calm down when they get married.

When adult children fly away, they can part with their annoying husband and turn into women of indeterminate age, who adore light flirting and are capable of flirting recklessly.

Decisive, with a clear, practical mind, obligatory herself and respecting people only obligatory; the honor of her name is most dear to her. Does not forgive betrayal, but tries to do everything in order to avoid scandals and other intrigues with colleagues.

Overall, she cares about looking attractive. He often happens in men's companies, does not like to talk about himself and considers it beneath his dignity to use his charm to achieve anything.

Born in February, we can say that she resists difficulties and situations, does not know fatigue in search of instant solutions, or tries to overcome a problem, persistently looking for the correct final solution.

She is very curious, she is attracted by everything new - and so, until she gets bored, until she comprehends the truth. Rarely rushes for the sake of something headlong into the pool. Likes to contemplate life, but can be generous in soul, maybe subtle, gentle.

Born in summer, she is polite, simple, overly trusting, sometimes too much, so it is difficult for her to make a career. But among her colleagues she is successful, many love and appreciate her as a specialist and as a person. She is not envious or calculating, she is always ready to accept a more reasonable point of view of another.

She has a meek disposition and an excellent relationship with her superiors. She is able to find a way with which to implement her own ideas, but due to her indecision and instability, she does not complete the matter.

Some Beatrice do not marry for a long time because of their indecision and excessive upbringing. It is better for her to devote herself to art, cinema, television, theater. Earning money for herself - this goal is not the main one for her, she rarely wants great luxury, she prefers simplicity in everything, even moderation.

When Beatrice gets married, children of different sexes are born. She is a good housewife, she cooks deliciously if the dishes are not intended for receiving guests. Likes to read, mainly books from the area of ​​interest.

For Beatrice, born in winter, so that the family union is strong, it is better to marry a "summer" man; if she goes beyond the "winter", the marriage may be short-lived. Knows how to take care of her husband, attentive, thinking over every little thing in the house. She has good taste, knows how to create comfort.

She chooses a husband to match herself, because sex is important for her, she is an experienced woman in this matter. She is a leader in the family, so she needs to have a husband who will understand her in everything. She is a very proud woman and will not tolerate bad treatment from her husband.


Beatrice has no shortage of admirers, she is flirtatious, knows how to present herself, amorous and temperamental. Beatrice is capricious and capricious. Usually she is very picky in choosing a partner, does not reduce sex only to a biological necessity; love, tenderness and sexual satisfaction are closely related to her.

At the same time, Beatrice is sometimes able, "according to her mood," to enter into an intimate relationship with an unfamiliar person simply in order to relieve sexual tension. Beatrice is not good at sex games, but loves to get the better of her partner.

She is very susceptible to male caresses, without them she cannot reach the climax. For her, the highest pleasure is to reach orgasm at the same time as a partner, but for this her friend must arm herself with great patience.

In general, Beatrice's sexual behavior largely depends on the sincerity and delicacy of her partner. Often a man is not too experienced, but affectionate and gentle, can give her much more pleasure than someone who owns the entire arsenal of sex techniques.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Aries.


The sound of Beatrice's name gives the impression of something safe, cheerful, lively, fast, bright.

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