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Any normal person's morning begins with breakfast. And here comes the inevitable dilemma - what exactly is there? Someone drinks coffee with sandwiches, someone adores scrambled eggs or muesli. It is important what exactly is for breakfast from the point of view of dietology. After all, scientists say that this is the best time for food rich in carbohydrates. So it's best to eat complex carbohydrates in the morning, such as porridge, cereal bread, or muesli. They will keep you feeling full and maintain normal blood sugar levels for a long time.

Simple carbohydrates from the morning diet should, if not exclude, then limit. It's about sugar, sweets, sweets. Protein foods are also allowed if they are natural. Meat, fish and chicken should take the place of sausages and pates. After all, they will be processed longer, rewarding the body with a feeling of fatigue.

I must say that each country has its own tradition of breakfast, sometimes very explainable. So, let's take a short culinary journey and find out what they eat for breakfast in different countries of the world.

Japan. Many people associate breakfast with the rising of the sun, so we will start with the Land of the Rising Sun. Long ago in Japan, miso soup was the first dish for breakfast. It is prepared on the basis of fish broth, as well as soy or rice miso paste. Mushrooms or cheese, seafood or seaweed, tofu can be added to this soup to taste. The second course in breakfast is usually fried fish, but it can also be rice with seaweed and seafood. In the morning, the Japanese also eat pickled vegetables and a raw egg. In this country, they believe that such nutrition helps people stay full and active most of the day. And this diet is very useful for health and longevity. In Japan, traditions are generally strong, the approach to breakfast in this regard is no exception.

China. This country has its own culinary traditions, rice and noodles are honored here. Breakfast in China is an important and fundamental event. The already mentioned rice or noodles with hearty additives - meat, chicken or at least vegetables are served on the table. It is also possible that breakfast is simply soup. Traditional elements of breakfast in China are rice flour pies, somewhat similar to manti. They are not baked, but boiled. Morning meals are consumed along with numerous seasonings and soy sauce. In China, the morning meal is so satisfying that it is not much different from the subsequent meal. On Sundays, breakfast can be varied with deep-fried pies, pancakes and rolls. They, it happens, are fried right on the frying pan set in the middle of the table on an alcohol lamp. As a result, a banal meal turns into a kind of ritual that also provides for a leisurely conversation.

India. In this country, the taste of food is largely determined by the spices. In general, it is quite difficult to stay hungry here, because bananas and other fruits grow everywhere. For Indians, even the poorest, any breakfast consists of several dishes. There must be a flat cake baked from unleavened dough, rice with spices. Spices are used depending on the season. The Indian teaching Ayurveda says that spices, like foods, can warm the body and cool it down. The country has very strong traditions of Ayurveda, although in big cities there are many ordinary cafes, snack bars and fast food restaurants.

Turkey. A real Turkish breakfast is noticeably different from what is offered under this name to tourists. In this country, it is customary to start the morning with simple, but healthy foods. It can be grain bread, goat cheese, olives, tomatoes, olives, boiled eggs. But the most important element of a Turkish breakfast is honey. They spread it on bread, and just eat it with a bite along with tea. Although they are considered coffee lovers, Turks usually start their day with another strong drink. Tea is not just boiled here, but is boiled and then drunk hot from small glass cups.

Israel. In this country, the main protagonists of breakfast are dairy products. This means that all meat is excluded. Of course, this rule applies to Orthodox families, where the dietary rules correspond to kosher. But other food products are allowed, which are quite suitable for milk. We can talk about pastries, coffee, salads, fresh vegetables, fish, eggs, juices, fruits. Although it seems that the dairy diet is easy, it will still easily fill a person.

Egypt. An ordinary Egyptian's breakfast consists of two main courses - ful and felafil. The first is beans boiled in sour sauce, they are served with spices, herbs, and sometimes with finely chopped vegetables. Filafilia is a small vegetarian cutlet made from shredded legumes. In addition to this dish, tehin sesame nut sauce is served. During breakfast, you can dip bread, vegetable salad and goat cheese mixed with vegetables into it. And this food is usually washed down in Egypt with cold karkade tea.

Morocco. This country is a well-known supplier of oranges and tangerines throughout the world, but in it the morning meal itself usually does without these citrus fruits. In Morocco, they prefer to start the day with pastries, honey, cheeses and almonds. Also here they prepare puree mixtures of legumes, which in northern Africa are considered a source of vigor and health. That is why such food is often served in the morning, washed down with juices, coffee or green tea. In Morocco, people often eat breakfast outside the home. This can be done, for example, in Medina. In this huge bazaar you can buy whatever your heart desires, including portable portioned food.

Italy. For Italians to eat is a common thing, it seems that they do it everywhere and all the time. At the same time, the volume of food does not matter, but the aesthetic side, beauty, is extremely important. However, lunch and dinner become real feasts, but the Italian breakfast is much more modest. Usually it is all just a cup of coffee with milk and a roll, occasionally a piece of cheese or sausage is added to this. The asceticism of the dinner can be explained simply - for a five-course dinner, a resident of the Apennines gorges himself to the bone and until lunch the next day. Of course, such a diet has a rather negative effect on the figure and on the state of the cardiovascular system.

France. And in France it is not customary to have a hearty breakfast in the morning. The first meal is so modest that it is even called a little breakfast "le petit déjeuner". As in Italy, these Europeans prefer coffee with a small bun. It can be a traditional French croissant, a bagel or just a regular sandwich. The appetite will come by lunchtime, when the meal will become more satisfying and more varied - salads, meat and fish dishes, and cheeses will appear. Well, where without the obligatory coffee?

Belgium. In this country, breakfast is quite similar to what is eaten next door - in France. Oddly enough, Belgians don't eat their famous waffles early in the morning. Instead, they serve bread, sometimes toasted, marmalade, jam, nut spreads. And all this is washed down with coffee, cocoa, juices or just water. Also in Belgium, it has become fashionable to eat sandwiches with cheese, sausages, and also eat sweets in the morning. The Danish dessert hagelslag, which is chocolate and fruity, is perfect for this role. Tea and milk remain other traditional drinks.

Great Britain. In this country, English brunch is sometimes called English breakfast. In fact, this is a collection of heavy and fatty dishes that are served to many tourists in England. Guests are invited to sample fried bacon with a crust, several fried sausages, fried eggs and buttered toast. In fact, if the true English ate such a breakfast, then there would be no trace of their famous waist. Such a morning feast in England is allowed no more than once a week, on weekends. A truly English and traditional daily breakfast includes the famous oatmeal, hard-boiled egg, and juice, coffee or tea as a drink.

Sweden. The harsh climate and the proximity of the sea draw attention to the diet of northerners. A typical Scandinavian breakfast consists of fish dishes - perch, herring, cod or herring. As a side dish, they are accompanied by cereals, potatoes, vegetables, eggs. A cold sandwich will be served for tomorrow in Sweden. Butter is smeared on fresh bread, and a piece of cold meat or smoked fish is placed on top. Allows breakfast and a second sandwich - this time the bread is spread with berry jam from cranberries or lingonberries. And the morning meal of harsh Scandinavians ends with obligatory hot and strong coffee.

USA. America is a country with a high pace of life, which is why fast food plays such a role here. Most often, breakfast here consists of a hamburger or bun, a buried donut and a cardboard cup of coffee (decaf!) Purchased from a diner on the way to work. If the American can afford not to rush in the morning on business, then breakfast consists of muesli or cornflakes with milk, as well as toast with peanut butter. Like Russians, Americans do not see anything wrong with eating the leftovers from dinner in the morning - reheating pasta, pizza, eating cutlets.

Spain. The south of Europe has its own attitude towards breakfast. In Spain, they prefer to eat chocolate y churros in the morning. These are sticks of choux pastry in sugar, and it is all washed down with a sweet chocolate drink. In Madrid, churros are made more refined, a little smaller, and giving them the shape of a charity ribbon.

Portugal. In this country tomorrow it is called pequeno-almoco, it can be of two types. One is prepared quickly, literally just before going to work, and the other, much more thoroughly, giving more time. This situation is typical for weekends. Before work, the Portuguese have a snack with a cup of yogurt, coffee or milk; for satiety, they can use bread and butter, cheese or jam. If there is time, southerners prepare orange juice, croissants and indulge in delicious pastries.

Mexico. Initially, the population of this country was mainly engaged in agriculture. They used to have breakfast here early, with the first rays of the sun. First comes early breakfast, desayuno, people ate bread and drank something hot. Later, with the coming of the day, it was time for the almuerzo. This breakfast consisted of egg dishes, meats, beans, tortilla, fruit and pastries, as well as the traditional huevos rancheros. Nowadays almuzerzo means just a light lunch, and Mexicans have a hearty or light breakfast depending on the circumstances. In this country, Menudo is sometimes prepared in the morning. This goulash is among other things a great hangover cure.

Algeria. French roots are strong in this country. Breakfast here usually consists of a French loaf, with jam and butter.

Cameroon. But in this African country, it is customary to eat hearty in the morning. Here they make beigne crumpets, which are eaten either with beans or with syrup. Omelettes and fried eggs are also served for breakfast in Cameroon.

Korea. In this country, there is no concept of breakfast as such. Morning food is no different from what is served at other times of the day. Morning meals are usually based on a mixture of pickled vegetables, kimchi, and rice. But recently, Koreans are increasingly adopting the European style of breakfast.

Malaysia. In this Southeast Asian country, the popular nasi lemak is often served for breakfast. It is rice cooked in milk, served with anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers and fried peanuts. Other popular morning meals here are kaya toast, Wonton noodles, and thin roti kanai.

Australia. A typical Australian breakfast is very similar to what is prepared in Western countries. Since the weather is warm in most regions of the mainland, the morning meal is usually light. This can be toast, sandwiches with fruit or juices. On weekends, Australians sometimes go to a cafe for breakfast, where they order a hot English breakfast, but this is not at all a tradition.

Germany. In this country, the traditional breakfast consists of rolls, butter, jam, soft-boiled eggs, ham and coffee. But lately, breakfast cereals have become increasingly popular. At the same time, each region has its own additives - somewhere they lean more on cheeses, and somewhere on pies or fruits.

Denmark. In this country, breakfast is quite similar to German. Here they eat toast with butter and various Danish cheeses, jam and coffee. There is also a more satisfying option. It includes ham, sausage, soft-boiled eggs, buns and muesli. And on holidays, the Danes allow themselves to relax right in the morning with the local alcoholic drink Gammel Dansk.

Holland. In Holland, it's not hard to name a traditional morning meal. These are poached eggs, bacon or sausages, pastries and chocolate sprinkles.

Greece. In this country, buns are served in the morning for traditional coffee. But quite often the Bugats pie becomes a guest of breakfast. This is a flaky dish stuffed with custard or minced meat, or even spinach. In terms of its preparation, this dish is very similar to the Austrian strudel, but has Turkish roots.

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