Male Celtic names

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Abelayo is a green sprout
Abelionni - green sprout
Abellio - green sprout
Agro - battle, carnage
Alan - handsome
Alonos - shining
Alonus - green sprout
Aodh - fire
Aongus is the only choice
Arlen - bail
Art - stone
Artmael - the stone prince

Bedwyr - He Who Knows (King Arthur's) Tomb
Bedivir - One Who Knows (King Arthur's) Tomb
Bedoir - the one who knows (King Arthur's) grave
Belenos - shining
Belenus - shining
Belinos - shining
Belin - shining
Belinus - shining
Bellinus - shining
Belus - shining
Borvo - hot
Brennus is the king
Brinanne - prince

Verkingetorix - Overlord

Gaharit - old
Gwalkhmei - hawk
Gate - old
Grannus - boiling

Dagda is a good god
Damno - world
Dey - shining
Jodok - master

Erianus - privileged birth
Erin - privileged birth

Kadeirn - Lord of the Battle
Kazaoir - warrior
Katijern - Lord of the Battle
Katotijernos - Lord of the Battle
Catejirn - Lord of the Battle
Katutigernos - Lord of the Battle
Kedeern - Lord of the Battle
Kindeyrn - Lord of the Battle
Cocidius - from the forest
Quran - crown
Coon - dog
Cunobelinus - hunter of Belenus
Kunotijernos - the hunter god

Leusetius - white light
Llwid - gray-haired
Meadow - skilled in all arts
Lugobelinos - Oath to Belenus
Lugovalos - strong
Lugubelenus - Oath to Belenus
Lugus - oath

Mabon - son
Maponos - the foretold son
Maponus - the foretold son
Morkant - sea circle

Nemosus - from the source

Peder - a valley that is penetrated
Piran - little African American
Prautagus - King of Iseni

Rueydhri - the red king

Sidmon - the battlefield
Sirnannos - the horned

Taranis - thunder
Theutorigos - king of the tribe
Theuthorix - king of the tribe
Tristan - riot, turmoil, brave, reckless
Tristand - brave, reckless
Tyurinn the Thunderer

Wisnech is a purebred heir

Elban - mountain
Eogan - born of a yew tree
Eogann - born of a yew tree
Esugenius - well-born

Yugein - well-born
Judyirn - Lord of the Battle

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