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Meaning of the name

David translated from Hebrew means "beloved."


A self-confident and fairly balanced person, but where there is balance, a lot begins to depend on education. So, for example, if little David, who, undoubtedly, is not alien to pride, is brought up in too harsh or even cruel conditions, then his pride can become painful, which is likely to make David rather hot-tempered.

However, this is a rather rare occurrence, and, besides, possessing a certain gentleness, it is unlikely that he himself became cruel or vindictive. On the contrary, he is usually capable of compassion, and it is especially favorable if this is combined in him with the necessary determination.

In short, in most cases, David is well-balanced with noticeable willpower and good nature, which provides him with a large number of friends and opens the door to success in life.

In addition, the name is capable of awakening the imagination, however, here, too, the inherent balance of David is manifested, so, most likely, his inclinations for creativity and love of literature will be combined with some pragmatism. Most often, this causes him to travel and change places.

Usually David has excellent analytical skills and strives to get a good education, but even if, for various reasons, he does not succeed in the latter, all the same erudition and tenacious memory allow him to easily fill this gap. It happens that even in the most seemingly inappropriate conditions, David behaves quite intelligently.

He has many chances for a good career or for an independent business. There is no doubt that he is able to make his way in life and provide his family with a good financial situation, which usually stands for him in the first place.

However, if David is dominated by ambitious dreams and he wants to find himself in some kind of creativity, then he is often hindered by his logic, which he tries to replace the insufficient depth of his feelings.

Good athletes (wrestlers, boxers) achieve good results. Some of them spend their whole life in sports. They are unusually kind, adore children, and they themselves are born into a large family.

They are very hardworking. They master the professions of engineers, trainers, administrators, artists, cooks, cutters, milling cutters, jewelers.

In the first marriage, problems arise, the second is more successful. They have the gift of persuasion, they never promise anything if they cannot do it. They love big dogs. They are trying to overcome their shortcomings - and quite successfully. They cook well.


David is unusually sexy, very amorous. He likes spectacular women with a beautiful figure, temperamental in bed. With each new partner, he tries to prove himself as a sexy giant. Able to cause a strong attraction in a woman, a desire to immediately make love.

David is fluent in various erotic techniques, especially refined and sophisticated in love preludes. With pleasure he watches how his partner demonstrates her emancipation during intercourse, gives her the opportunity to express herself to the fullest.

Experiencing delight from a sudden joint orgasm, knows how to be grateful. Can be generous, but doesn't waste money. He does not like to be bound by obligations, to depend on a woman.

Tends to build sexual relationships based on decency and trust. In an effort to satisfy his partner, he tries to induce her orgasm during love foreplay, and then several more times during coitus, before he himself comes to the climax.

He is tireless in sex, and each subsequent orgasm is much longer than the previous one. David is very patient, first of all he gives about the satisfaction of his partner. Easily aroused, only with the woman who appeals to him.

In marriage, he is balanced, a good family man, but he chooses a spouse for a long time. He is very hospitable, friendly, easy to communicate. He spends most of his time at work, but does not forget about home, calls several times a day and is interested in family affairs.


Dark brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name David gives the impression of something coarse, courageous, strong, brave, mighty, big, mobile, bright, joyful.


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