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Meaning of the name

Diana means "divine" in Latin.


They grow up as calm, kind and obedient children. They are docile, sensitive to the grief of others and very compassionate. Little Diana gets more than once from her mother for bringing home homeless kittens.

The name Diana sounds firm, and in the character of this girl there is really enough pragmatism, firmness and even stubbornness. Thanks to these qualities, she manages to achieve success in life. At the same time, Diana is a kind person, she, like in childhood, is responsive and always ready to disinterestedly help someone in trouble.

However, Diana is not easy to deceive, she is endowed with excellent intuition. Being sympathetic herself, she does not tolerate people cold, indifferent, who consider themselves balanced. Diana is a good hostess, hospitable and hospitable. Her favorite colors are blue, purple, black.

Born in winter - with a difficult, somewhat masculine character, they are stubborn, they will always do it their own way, even if they understand that they are wrong. Not able to get along with their own mother. They are the undisputed leaders at home and at work, where they have many friends, mostly men.

Decisive and self-confident - they will take on any business and complete it. They know how to quickly win over people, but just as quickly and without regret part, if circumstances require. They are often married twice.

Even in anger, they do not lose control over themselves. They have some kind of restless strength of character, often turning into fanaticism. Unyielding will, flavored with the activity of a predator.

Excitability is strong, although of a female type. Balanced in friendship and love, they hide their feelings and affections until they are convinced of the disinterestedness of others. They treat failures calmly, with endurance and patience, overcome any obstacles.

The reaction speed is appropriate for the situation. All are judged according to their own criteria. Diana is not influenced, it is difficult to convince them to change their decisions even if they are wrong. Their self-confidence borders on arrogance and arrogance.

Work for them is sometimes armor, sometimes provocation, but always - passion! They do not agree with the prevailing opinion that women play a secondary role in life. Doctors, nurses, politicians or public figures, business leaders - they are all! They have a heightened sense of responsibility.

They lack imagination and inspiration, they are always guided by logic. They have a cold, calculating mind. They lack human warmth, without which there is no real intellect.

These girls cannot be said to hold onto their mother's skirts. They become independent very early. Negatively relate to weakness, sentimentality, violent expression of feelings. Are sociable only when necessary for work or for political, religious or other reasons.

Usually Diana is very artistic, and God only knows when she plays a role and when she speaks sincerely. Nevertheless, always consider her inherent passion - sometimes it seems to you that she calmly reacted to any event, but in fact this event will leave a deep mark on her soul.


They adhere to strict moral standards, do not forgive anything and will always be able to remind you of old faults.

Diana always enjoys the feeling of novelty in dealing with a man. If Diana does not go well in an intimate relationship, she withdraws into herself, suffers, but cannot clarify them in an open conversation with her partner. She would rather end all relations with him, although she will not stop suffering and worry.


Light yellow.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Diana gives the impression of something kind, light, cheerful, active, bright, joyful.

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