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Aalt - noble species
Aaltj - noble species
Abigal - pleasing father
Abrahana - large
Adelheide - noble species
Adelheid - noble species
Adelheit - noble species
Aleid is a noble species
Aleida - noble species
Aleidis - noble species
Alid is a noble species
Allie is a noble species
Angelin - angel messenger
Anika - benefit, grace
Ankh - grace or favor
Annek - benefit, grace
Anneka - benefit, grace
Annemarie - benefit, grace and beloved
Annika - the benefit of grace
Anse - benefit, grace
Antje - benefit, grace
Anouk - benefit, grace

Vajona - grapevine
Willemina is determined

Girtj - the power of the spear
Girtruda - the power of the spear
Godeliv - good, dear
Gratia - pleasing, pleasant
Grit - pearl
Gritj - pearl

Jacoba - the displacing
Jannek is a good god
Jantine is a good god
Jeltj - helmet
Jeltsj - helmet
Jerda - attachment, citadel
Gertruida - the power of the spear
Jisela - pledge
Johannek - good god
Durthj - a gift from god

Inge - in front of the meadow

Carolyn is a man
Katridge - pure
Katrin - pure
Caitlijn - pure
Klaartge - clear, bright
Klazina - victory of people
Clara - clear, bright
Kobe - the displacing
Kokki - horn
Xandra - Protector of Humanity
Kunigond - surviving the war

Liv - God's love
Lijsbet - God is my oath
Liselot - God is my oath
Lisbeth - God is my oath
Lisj - god is my oath
Loes is a famous warrior

Maartj - from Mars
Makhteld - Mighty in Battle
Margrit - pearl
Marja is the sweetheart
Marjolein - marjoram
Marjolijn - marjoram
Marijk - sweetheart
Marijn - from the sea
Marijs - sweetheart
Marik - sweetheart
Marloes - beloved - famous warrior
Maryan - sweetheart
Maik - sweetheart
Dreamtheld - mighty in battle
Mick is a sweetheart
Meep - sweetheart
Mirjam - beloved
Mirze - myrtle
Mies is the sweetheart

Pauline is small

Renate - Reborn
Roose - rose

Saskia - Saxon
Sophie - wisdom
Sterr is a star
Stephen's - crown
Seinne - lily

Tridjntj - pure
Tris the reaper
Truus - the power of the spear
Theresia the reaper

Femk - world

Hadewich - fighting, militant
Hedwich - fighting, militant
Heintj - House Ruler
Helin - torch, moon, or more likely escaping in secret
Helintj - torch, moon, or more likely escaping in secret
Hendrika - House Ruler
Henny is the little house ruler
Heald - fighting
Hildo - fighting

Schuyler - protector, protecting

Elk - noble species

Jacobine - the displacer

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