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In many countries, there have been and still exist rules when parents themselves decide the fate of their children and find a suitable match for them. Most often, young people never even meet each other before the wedding.

There are times when young people have freedom of choice, but without parental blessing they cannot get married and none of the young people has the right to disobey their parents.

Some people do not understand how it is possible to marry without receiving parental blessings. Perhaps this is better, because according to statistics, marriages concluded under the strict guidance of parents are the strongest and the number of divorces is minimal.

Strong marriages are now very rare, because young people are in a hurry to make independent decisions and act on an instantaneous desire. Of course, this does not mean that now you need to clearly follow the instructions of the parents, but still sometimes you need to listen to their opinion and advice, because they will not wish bad.

It is on this principle that families are created in Belarus. Here, young people have never set limits on their personal choices, but without parental blessing, marriages cannot be concluded, and this is the case to this day.

Marriage is a responsibility that young people must understand and, moreover, early marriages imply the financial dependence of young people on their parents, because they themselves cannot fully support themselves.

In this regard, parents very rarely give consent to early marriages, in order to enable children to get on their feet first, and only then think about the family. Young people in Belarus cannot disobey their parents and no longer insist on their decision.

Like all parents, Belarusians try to prepare a worthy dowry for their daughters. The son must be the head of the family, so all financial issues fall on him. Before marrying their son, parents do everything possible to build a separate house for a young family.

The financial situation of both families, both on the part of the boy and the girl, is most often of great importance, and each side always knows a lot about each other. Marriages of convenience in Belarus are also not excluded, but the feelings of young people are still more important.

In most cases, parents know who their children are meeting with long before young people express their desire to start a family, and by that time the parents' decision may be ready.

Belarusian families have never been very large. This could happen very rarely, and even then only in fairly wealthy families. Currently, the Belarusian family does not exceed five or six people. The head of the family is a man, only he makes all decisions, and all other family members must obey him, property in most cases is transferred only through the male line.

However, women in Belarus are also of high importance. Despite the fact that women cannot receive inheritance, they play an important role in the home, in family relations. The wife of the owner of the house is the hostess and she deals with all organizational issues of household affairs, if other women and daughters-in-law live in the house besides her.

Domestic affairs in a Belarusian family are strictly divided into male and female affairs. The woman is fully in charge of the household, she is responsible for family relations within and ensures that normal relations develop between the daughters-in-law. If a woman or daughters-in-law lives in the house besides the hostess, the youngest always helps the hostess with breakfast before the rest of the family wakes up.

Cooking in a Belarusian family is quite a serious matter, because it is precisely how the hostess handles cooking and how good she is that the attention of all family members is drawn.

The position of a woman who always rises before all other family members is invariable for any nationality and country. In a Belarusian family, men in the same way get up in the morning much later and after breakfast go about their work.

As for the relationship between spouses in Belarus, but here everything mainly depends on the character of both men and women. There are families in which the relationship between spouses is respectful and they understand each other perfectly. Love and harmony in a relationship is the best that you can wish for a strong family.

However, there may be exceptions when a man may not always treat a woman correctly. It is not uncommon when a woman herself cannot resist in order not to respond to male rudeness, which leads to scandals. Everything is possible and everything happens in family relationships when the character of people is far from perfect.

Sons in Belarus are heirs and successors of the clan, but if a girl is born, then this causes no less joy than the birth of a boy. It's just that the son is more important to the family, because inheritance rights are passed only through the male line.

According to ancient traditions, at birth, boys wear a shirt, which is intended for a girl and vice versa. This is done so that when the child grows up, he will receive attention from the opposite sex.

For Belarusians, godparents are of great importance for their children, who can be chosen from both relatives and neighbors. If another child is born, then the godparents are chosen from the same family as for the first.

Children are baptized in accordance with all the traditions that were established many years ago and have survived to this day. The godparents wish their godchildren a lot of happiness and wealth and perform a number of rituals.

Almost all the upbringing of children falls on the shoulders of a woman, the father takes part in the upbringing of only his sons and only after they reach the age when they can already be taught to work in men and pass on family traditions and customs.

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