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It is very important for any person to preserve what his parents respect, which has been guarded in the family for a very long time, all the rules and customs that are inherent in nationality, family values ​​and traditional customs of holidays and other significant events. It is very easy to lose all this, and especially at the present time, when a new wave has swept the world and the pace of life has changed dramatically.

Many traditions may seem today too insignificant and unacceptable in the modern world, when you need to maintain a special lifestyle in order to be able to move forward, and not stay in one place.

We must develop, but we must do it in such a way so as not to lose the most precious thing on earth - this is the family, our relatives and friends, with whom we need to keep in touch.

Canadians accept all the trends of the new world, modern traditions, way of life. However, at the same time, they remain true to their way of life, which they have learned to combine with the peculiarities of the civilized world.

The rules that were established many years ago have not been canceled and no one is going to cancel them, they have not changed at all since the first settlers appeared in Canada, who created their own society and their culture.

Although this culture was not original, it combined the characteristics of different cultures and nations. Today, Canadians honor their traditional characteristics and the rules that have been established. It is easier for Canadians to perceive the modern world, because the country is young and the population can more easily perceive what is difficult for other countries with age-old traditions.

For each nationality, reverence for parents and elders is in the first place. Canada in this sense is no exception, and parents are very respectful here. Children try to stay always close to the parental home, creating their own family.

Very rarely, children leave for other cities in order to always be able to provide the necessary assistance to their loved ones. Any difficulty in life, problem and trouble unites the whole family, which jointly tries to resolve all issues.

Girls and young people in Canada are very independent and, while still students, can leave their parental home and start an independent life. Very often, young people go abroad to study, where they can also stay if they find a prestigious job.

However, over time, they still come back in order to reunite with their family, are transferred to work or simply find a new place of work. Both spouses in a family usually come from the same city or region, because in this case, both have common interests, common customs and understanding of things the same.

Canadians are distinguished by a calm and measured way of life and we must pay tribute to them, because they themselves, together or separately, have created for themselves such a standard of living in which they have everything they need for a happy life in abundance.

The contribution of each person is of great importance, because each Canadian is a true patriot of his country. A lot depends on Canadian families precisely because they are very friendly and strong. Due to such families, the country itself is getting stronger, because excellent specialists are not lost, people work for the good of their country.

There are very few cases of divorce and single-parent families in the country, because marriage is a serious step for Canadians. The decision to start a family is not taken immediately and not hastily. All possible difficulties that a young family may face are solved together, weighing all the pros and cons, and only after that a decision is made.

Moreover, the material base is of great importance, because the creation of a family cannot take place when there are difficulties from the financial side. Canadians believe that it is impossible to raise children when there is not enough money to create a solid foundation for their further education.

Having decided to start a family, Canadians first decide on the issue of separate housing. The parents only take care of the organization of the wedding and all expenses related to this event. Most of it goes to the groom's side, but nowadays, most of the costs are divided equally. Each party at a wedding in Canada makes pretty rich gifts for the young.

Usually wedding ceremonies are held in the house of the bride's parents, where all relatives and friends, friends of the young couple and other guests gather. Most often, priests are invited to the wedding ceremony, who become an alternative to going to church. It turns out that on the same day a church and legal marriage takes place, after which the young spouses are connected with each other and before people and before God.

Nowadays, young couples leave all their guests immediately after the wedding celebration in order to go on a honeymoon trip. It has become a tradition in Canada for a long time, when young spouses spend their first days away from home in order to be alone with each other and understand that now they are truly tightly connected with each other by family ties. It is at this time that the spouses can fully experience the beginning of an independent life.

Canadians also bring up their children in the spirit of their indisputable traditions, which will then also be inherited by their children. Love for one's country, work and life for the good of the country, respect and love for parents, reverence for the older generation - this is the basis for raising every child in a Canadian family. The spirit of patriotism develops from early childhood, when the child is just beginning to form awareness of the world around him.

Each generation has its own changes, each has its own view of the world around and everything that happens around. However, at the same time, for a Canadian, even the thought cannot arise that he can break the rules and traditions in his family and go against his parents, although Canadian children are always brought up in relative freedom.

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