Families of the Sudan

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Sudan has an oriental culture, the country where the brutal Muslim laws are most exposed, in which women are given the smallest role, and men are elevated to a pedestal.

Marriages for Sudanese are a strong bond for life, where a man has almost complete freedom, and a woman is trapped in a marriage cage like a bird.

Before marriage, each of the spouses goes through certain stages in their lives, so Sudanese weddings play quite late, after 20 years, when their studies are over. Women can freely study and receive education in order to get a prestigious job later.

While studying in Sudan, all girls also undergo the necessary religious training, which they can continue in the future in another country. However, during their studies, women must provide for themselves, because they do not receive help from their parents.

Parents always want to get rid of adult children as soon as possible, as for girls, they are trying to marry them as soon as possible. As a result, during their studies, girls are forced to look for a job in their specialty in order to feed themselves and pay for living, since most often the training is carried out in another city.

After receiving a specialty and a promising high-paying job, the girl should get married. Again, new worries about her husband and children, except for work, are piled on her. True, many, having felt the taste of freedom, are trying to break free from the final captivity of prejudices and traditions in Sudan and leave for another country.

However, if a man can do this without problems, then a woman can travel abroad only if she declares that she wants to continue her religious studies. Only then can she be released, and all male family members must give permission to leave.

It is easier for Sudanese men to leave the country, because if a man has spent several years abroad, this is considered a kind of training for him, moreover, during his absence, he has a sexual experience that he cannot get in Sudan due to strict rules.

More often than not, men go abroad in order to earn as much money in order for him to have enough money to start a family, because in order to just hold a wedding ceremony, you need to have at least $ 20,000.

In Sudan, there is still a law according to which a man can have 4 wives, but if you consider how much money is spent on a wedding, the maintenance of 4 wives becomes simply impossible. Going abroad, a man can marry a woman from another country, but upon his return he must marry a Sudanese woman.

If he leaves after marriage, then the spouse in Sudan is obliged to wait for him until he comes back, and she has no right to divorce. Treason during the absence of her husband is punished severely.

Marriage is the most expensive pleasure for a Sudanese man; no other country spends such huge sums of money on a wedding celebration as in Sudan. First of all, a man must completely fill the wardrobe of his future wife, then go around all available relatives with a huge amount of products and gifts.

This is followed by a long line of celebrations before the wedding ceremony itself. First, the relatives of the bride are met, then the relatives of the groom gather, followed by a mandatory bachelor party.

After all this, the wedding itself takes place. All expenses related to these holidays are covered by the groom. In addition, he still needs to arrange a separate house for himself and his future wife, to fully equip it. Needless to say, many men most often stay abroad, where such huge ransoms do not have to be paid for a wife.

After the wedding, both spouses in Sudan change dramatically. It is here that this difference begins to be felt, which is not noticeable at first glance. Modern, fairly well-dressed, successful men and women pass by.

However, when they find themselves outside the walls of their home, the successful woman becomes a meek creature who reveres and adores her husband. Women are obliged to go to work and receive a salary: they have received a specialty, you can do business, so it is necessary to bring money into the house.

Plus, all household responsibilities fall on the woman, and life in front of a woman rushes faster than the wind. There is no separation in family responsibilities, and there can be no question, a Sudanese man will never take over household responsibilities.

At home, a woman turns into an ordinary housewife with a huge amount of housework and family worries, she is obliged to obey her husband in everything and idolize him.

A woman does not have the right to leave her home, even for a short period of time, without the consent of her husband, and sometimes women have to resort to various tricks in order to meet with her friend and take some rest from household chores.

In such cases, the love of Sudanese to make sweet pastries comes to the rescue, this is a kind of tradition when only women gather in the same house and then they can have plenty of chat and relax.

Another point concerns the sex life of a Sudanese woman. In childhood, all girls are circumcised, and therefore an adult girl does not enjoy sex, and even more, it becomes a real torture for her. Also, in the case of circumcision, problems can arise during pregnancy and the birth itself.

Currently, doctors, realizing that such a tradition causes irreparable harm to the health and full life of a woman, are trying to dissuade parents from such a cruel and unreasonable step.

However, doctors do not always listen to the words of doctors, and most often this happens on the part of the mother, who is ready to condemn her own daughter to the same tortures that she herself endured, which is very cruel on her part. Fathers in these situations in Sudan sometimes remain in the dark.

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