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Meaning of the name

German translated from Latin means "only begotten", "consanguineous".


In different generations, the impact of the name Herman was felt in different ways, although in itself it has good energy. He has confidence, nobility, strength of character, ability to concentrate and at the same time kindness.

Imagine what it was like for a boy with this name during the Patriotic War. Children are always children, they love to copy adult life in their games, and if the country was at war with Germany, then a Russian boy named German was a good target for children's attacks.

From here, the Germans of the war years often had to defend their honor and dignity by force, and, as you know, this path has two outcomes - either the character is tempered, or a breakdown occurs, endowing a person with sometimes the most unseemly qualities.

However, destiny, having dealt with the Germans of the 40s and 50s rather unkindly, raised many worthy people and heroes among them. It is quite another matter Herman, so to speak, of the model of the last third of the XX century, when the general positive energy of the name is further enhanced by the fashionable influence of Western culture. The Pendulum of Destiny swung in the opposite direction, opening up a wide range of possibilities for Herman.

The sympathy of people is on his side, and this often helps in a career, business, makes him irresistible in the eyes of the "weaker" sex. Here already another test is prepared for Herman and Kipling's words involuntarily come to mind: "... and you will be firm in luck and misfortune, which, in essence, have one price."

It is very difficult not to lose your mind from so many successes and temptations, maybe it will not come to "star fever", but still, how easy it is to stumble in the rapture of success. It's not even about the number of enemies, the trouble is different - Herman may lose friends - and then all his luck will go to dust.

In a word, pride and conceit should not exceed the limits of the necessary pride. Salvation for Herman is in the ability to respect people. If he often puts himself in the place of another, trying to better understand him, then luck will hardly leave Hera.

Herman is cunning, irritable, quick-tempered. He is even capable of meanness and does not at all find such actions indecent. Businesslike, he will not miss the opportunity to earn an extra ruble. A bit cheating.

Outwardly similar to his mother, Herman is charming, like: women. But marriage with him is difficult - this is an unreliable husband, and even the children, whom he does not really love, are not able to bind him.

Meanwhile, the Hermans, as a rule, make a good career, doing science, literature, technology, medicine. They achieve honor and titles, however, not always in an absolutely honest way.


Can offer a woman group sex, loves fellatio very much. Possessing the gift of intuition, he accurately determines the future partner. He tries not to get attached to one friend in order to avoid complications, but he is strongly influenced by a woman, too susceptible. Generous, spends a lot on his chosen one, and without any regrets. He likes to please her.

His excitability fully depends on the skill of the partner, on her attitude towards him. With a suitable woman, he experiences the highest sense of pleasure, a strong sexual attraction to her.

Usually one sexual act does not satisfy him, he is insatiable in bed. His life is full of sexual entertainment and love affairs. But first of all, he thinks about meeting the needs of the woman.

Herman is freedom-loving and capable of any sexual fantasies that he successfully implements. Sex plays a significant role in his destiny. Herman is easily carried away by a new girlfriend, it is not difficult to seduce him. But it is much more difficult to awaken the real feeling in him. He will never be interested in a laconic and uncommunicative, modest restrained woman, he likes cheerful, cheerful and beautiful.

And he can love only one, and often from school. He does not consider physical betrayal as tenderness, but only if it concerns him, and not his partner, he is too jealous, he does not forgive a woman for betrayal.


Matte gray.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Herman gives the impression of something safe, angular, small, bright.

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