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Meaning of the name

Gennady translated from ancient Greek means "noble".


What a really bad child. Parents will have to blush for their son more than once. In the store, he can fall to the floor, pounding and screaming at the top of his lungs until his mother buys him toys. With dad, he behaves quieter and resembles an ideal child. Since childhood, she knows how to adapt to circumstances, she feels who and how she can act.

As he gets older, he seeks to attract attention - either with an extravagant hairstyle, or with a demeanor. Gennady of small stature is usually more complex in character, more crafty and unreliable than his tall namesake.

Difficult, elusive temperament, often with an unpredictable reaction to external influences. The characteristic combination of psycho-emotional signs does not allow one to judge the owner of this name too optimistically.

Nevertheless, Gennady is an optimist. This quality does not come from innate gaiety, but from the fear of looking deeper and understanding the environment. An optimist has a better life.

She is rather indifferent to elderly parents. Some forgetfulness is also found behind him when you have to repay debts. It is curious that short Gennady is usually more complex in character, more crafty and unreliable than his tall namesake.

At work, he rushes to the first rows, stopping at nothing. Reacts painfully to criticism, knows how to make money and use money wisely. If he is lying, then it is very beautiful. Praise Gennady must be careful: he can be conceited.

Loves an exquisitely served table and clean tablecloths. Shabby oilcloth can make him lose his temper. Irritable. Does not tolerate animals in the house. Careful in choosing a future life partner. From his wife he demands the unquestioning fulfillment of his whims and whims. If the wife is able to compromise, then life with Gennady will not be so bad.

Gennady is getting promoted, doing housework, not reaching out to his bachelor friends. Very jealous, his wife does not forgive betrayal, although he himself cannot be called a saint. A bit stingy. By old age, he often becomes sentimental and likes to grumble.


Gennady is looking for voluptuousness and peace of mind in sex. He demands from his partner full surrender, the moment of physical separation is always painful for him, he wants to prolong bodily contact until both partners reach simultaneous orgasm.

Gennady is capable of love and pleasure, like no one else, patient and attentive to his girlfriend. His love is sensitive to the slightest trouble: you never know what can upset him.

Gennady can be a loving partner and, at the same time, a tormentor who gives a woman mental suffering. His sexual behavior is aimed at waiting for the moment of his partner's climax; he is unusually affectionate and inventive in erotic games, for him they are both sport and pleasure.

He knows how to appreciate the woman with whom he is close. Submitting her to his sexual desires, he does it gently, so as not to humiliate her dignity, not to scare her away. Gennady adapts well to his partner, without roughly imposing his own style of sexual behavior on her.

A love prelude for Gennady is a way to study a friend, he sensitively listens to her erotic feelings, igniting himself with her passion. For him, igniting a partner is a matter of his male prestige, and he is able to excite even a frigid woman.

However, first of all, he must be mentally disposed to her. Without feeling the emotional attraction, he is not able to experience strong passions, not with every partner he can experience the full completeness of erotic sensations.

More often girls are born in marriage.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Gennady gives the impression of something safe, hot, small, fast, bright.

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