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Meaning of the name

Irina in translation from Greek means "peace, rest".


Since childhood, Irina has been distinguished by independence and determination. More drawn to father than mother. Able to study well, it does not require much effort from her.

She is sober in her assessment of the world around her, she is not sentimental. Likes to read detective novels, science fiction, attends sports clubs.

She is sociable, easily finds a common language with strangers. In the company he behaves relaxed, willingly drinks, sometimes a little more than decency requires. Feels more comfortable and easier in a male company, among women it quickly gets bored. Direct and harsh in judgments and statements. Jealous.

By nature, Irina is amorous. However, they always remain independent. Women with this name almost never dissolve in a loved one, a family, do not subordinate their lives only to the hearth.

The acquisition of a profession, professional growth is an important and obligatory moment for her. And these are, as a rule, valuable workers. Irina always knows what she wants.

Married Irina easily gains the authority of not only her husband and children, but also colleagues at work and neighbors. She is no less thorough in her choice of husband. The latter may not doubt her loyalty, but only on the condition that he constantly makes her feel her significance.

Irina's underestimation by her husband is dangerous, this can push her to treason, although she is unlikely to decide on a divorce because of her love for stability and peace.

Irina cooks well, is fond of new systems of raising children, loves to read special magazines. Most often, it tends to be overweight. Mother-in-law usually dislikes Irina for her independence.


Irina is capable of true selfless love. She knows how to control herself in any situation, has tremendous willpower. Love causes her strong, unforgettable experiences - a unique first love, an unforgettable last love ... She adores the very romance of love, experiencing something unusual, sublime, as if playing out her own love drama in her life.

Irina, like no other woman, is able to give the warmth of her heart to the chosen one. But very often she is afraid to admit to herself that she is not sure of the correctness of her sexual behavior. She will never let her partner notice that she is experiencing feelings of sexual dissatisfaction.

Flirting, beautiful courtship, conversations on the verge of what is permissible do not leave Irina indifferent, but she rarely falls under the influence of deep feelings, strong passion. Even the most ardent lover is not able to relieve Irina of the feeling of loneliness.

Irina is not one of those women who succumb to other people's influence, following a more persistent partner. In sex, she recognizes only equality, without imposing her way of behavior on her partner; but also not obeying him completely.

Irina, born in winter, perceives sex as a way of self-expression, communication with a man. Her life is filled with love adventures. She is somewhat wary of marriage, not wanting to hinder her freedom in any way.

Irina, born in the fall, expects from marriage a lasting harmony in intimate relationships, but sex is not the main thing for her, she prefers to see in her chosen one, first of all, a person worthy of love and respect, and only then a skillful and passionate lover.

Irina, of course, can marry spontaneously, to a person whom she met quite recently, but most often to a person whom she has known for a long time, and with whom she is connected not only by a feeling of passion, but also by spiritual kinship, as well as common interests.

Irina remembers her first love for a long time, often even marriage does not change her attitude towards the first chosen one of her heart.She is very attractive, and for a long time attracts the attention of men.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces.


The word Irina gives the impression of something good, simple, light, gentle, bright, joyful.

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