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Azumi is a safe place to live
Azemi - thistle flower
Ay - love
Ayano - silk colors
Akemi - bright beauty
Aki - autumn, bright
Akiko is an autumn child or a smart child
Akira - bright, clear, dawn
Akane - shiny, red
Ameterezu - bright across the sky
Amaya - evening rain
Aoi - blue
Ariza - noble species
Asuka - scent
Asemi - Morning Beauty
Atsuko is a hardworking, warm child
Aya - colorful or woven silk
Ayaka - colorful flower, fragrant summer
Ayako is an academic child
Ayam - iris

Banquo is a literary child

Junko is a pure child
June is obedient

Gina - silvery

Izumi - fountain
Izanami is the woman who invites
Yoko is an ocean child, a confident child
Yoshi - fragrant branch, nice bay
Yoshiko is a fragrant, good, noble child
Yoshshi is good

Kam - turtle (symbol of long life)
Kayao is a beautiful generation, a generation of increase
Keiko is a happy, respectful child
Kay - respectful
Kiku - chrysanthemum
Kimi is shorthand for names starting with "Kimi"
Kimiko is the beautiful child of history, dear child, ruling child
Keene - golden
Kyoko - the child of the capital
Kotone - the sound of the harp
Koheku - amber
Kumiko is a beautiful, durable child
Kaed - maple
Kazu - branch, blessed, harmonious
Kazuko is a harmonious child
Kazumi - harmonious beauty
Kameio - turtle (symbol of long life)
Cameko - turtle (symbol of long life)
Keori - flavor
Keoru - aroma
Katsumi - Victory Beauty

Marie - beloved
Megumi - Blessed
Miwa - beautiful harmony, three rings
Midori - green
Mizuki is a beautiful moon
Mizeki - the flower of beauty
Miyoko is a beautiful child of a generation, a third generation child
Mika - the first sound
Miki is a beautiful tree, three trees
Miko is a beautiful child of blessing
Minori - beautiful harbor, village of beautiful regions
Mineko is a beautiful child
Mitsuko is a full child (blessings), a bright child
Miho is a beautiful bay
Michie - trail
Michiko is a child on the right track, a thousand beauties of a child
Miyuki - beautiful happiness
Miyako is a beautiful child in March
Mommo - peach
Momo - a hundred blessings, a hundred rivers
Momoko - baby peach
Moriko - forest child
Madoka - calm
Mazumi - increased beauty, true purity
Mazako - fix it, rule baby
Mazami - correct, graceful beauty
Mei - dance
Meiko - child dance
Meiumi - True Bow, True Absorbed Beauty
Mackie is a true record, tree
Maine is true
Manami - the beauty of love
Mariko is the true reason baby
Mesa is an abbreviation for names beginning with "Mesa"

Nana - seven
Naoki is an honest tree
Naomi is beauty first and foremost
Nobuko is a devoted child
Nori is shorthand for names beginning with "Nori"
Noriko is a child of principles
Neo - honest
Neoko is an honest child
Natsuko is a summer child
Natsumi - Summer Beauty

Ran - orchid
Reiko is a handsome, suave child
Rey is polite
Ren is a water lily
Rika is a rated flavor
Rico is the child of jasmine
Ryoko is a good kid

Sake - Cape
Setsuko is a moderate child
Sora - the sky
Suzu - call
Suzumu - progressive
Suzum - sparrow
Sumiko is a clear, thinking child, a pure child
Sayeri - small lily
Saker - cherry blossom
Sekiko is a blooming child, an earlier child
Sengo - coral
Sachiko is a happy child

Teruko is a bright child
Tomiko - the child who kept beauty
Tomoko is a friendly, wise child
Toshi - Emergency
Toshiko is a child of many years, a priceless child
Tsukiko - moon child
Tekeko is a tall, noble child
Tekara is a treasure
Temiko is a child of abundance

Uzeji - rabbit
Umeko - the child of the plum blossom
Ume elv - plum blossom

Fuji - wisteria
Fumiko - the child who kept beauty

Hana - favorite or flower
Hideko is a gorgeous child
Hizeko is a durable child
Hickery - light or shining
Hikaru - light or bright
Hiro is a widespread
Hiroko is a generous child
Hiromi is a widespread beauty
Hitomi - the name is usually given to girls with especially beautiful eyes
Hoteru - firefly, lightning error
Hoshi is a star
Haneko is a loafer
Haruka - far away
Haruki - springtime tree
Haruko - Springtime Child
Harumi - the beauty of springtime

Chi - wisdom, a thousand blessings
Chiyo - a thousand generations
Chiyoko is a child of a thousand generations
Chika - wisdom
Chico is a wise child, a thousand blessings child
Chikeko - child of wisdom
Chinetsu - a thousand years
Chiheru - one thousand springs
Chiesa - a morning repeated a thousand times
Cho - butterfly

Shaiori - bookmark, guide
Shig is shorthand for names beginning with "Shij"
Shijeko is a bountiful child
Shizuka is quiet
Shizuko - calm down the child
Shika is a gentle deer
Shinju is a pearl

Eiko is a durable child, a gorgeous child
Eika is a song of love
Eiko is the beloved child, the child of love
Amy - the beauty of love
Ayumi - walk
Amy - smile
Emiko is a smiling child
Eri is a lucky prize
Etsuko is a joyful child

Yuka - a fragrant, friendly bloom
Yuki - happiness, snow
Yukiko - Snow Child or Happy Child
Yuko is a helpful, superior child
Yumi - bow, useful beauty
Yumiko is a beautiful, useful child
Yuri - lily
Yuriko is lily's child, dear child

Yayoi - spring
Yasu - calm
Yasuko is an honest child, a peaceful child

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