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Asmet - noble, humane
Amanzhol is a good road
Abai - observant, prudent, vigilant
Abzal - respected, highly respected
Abyz - keeper, protector, clairvoyant
Abylai - grandfather, father
Agzam - almighty, great
Adil - honest, fair
Azamat is a real horseman
Azat - free, independent, free
Aybar - authoritative, impressive
Aydar - strong, mighty, famous
Aydos - ay - moon, dos - friend
Aytugan - the name was given to a boy born on the new moon
Akshora - master, master, tycoon
Akylbay - rich in mind
Akylzhan - akyl - mind, zhan - soul
Aldiyar - your majesty, honor
Aliya - precious, beloved
Altai - the golden mountain, the name of the Altai mountains
Altynbek - the golden rich man
Aldair - derived from altair - the name of the star
Aman - (buy, bey) healthy, unharmed
Amir - master, master
Anwar - a ray of sunshine
Anuar is bright, hardworking and reliable
Arkat - the chosen one, led by the will of the gods
Arman is a dream
Arnur - ray of honor
Arnur - conscientious and radiant
Aryngazy is a strong, brave fighter
Arystan - lion, a symbol of bravery
Asan (Khasen) - beautiful, cute
Askar - greatness
Askat - the happiest of the happiest
Atabay - popular, noble, prosperous
Atabek - teacher, educator
Ataniyaz - the cherished desire of the grandfather (father)
Atymtai - generous
Achan - iron
Ahat is the only one
Akhmet - worthy of praise
Ahram is the most generous
Ayan - widely known

Baybarys - a child born in the year barys
Baisal - calm, firm, reasonable
Bakir - researcher
Baktiar - happy, desired
Barlas - hero, brave, noble
Battal - bold, daring, hot
Bauyrzhan - brotherly soul
Bakhyt - happiness
Bayazit - superior to all
Bayan - infinitely happy
Bayat - white, white
Beimbet - prince, ruler
Bekzat - a descendant of an aristocrat
Beren is the best steel
Berik - fortress, strong
Birzhan is lonely, the only one
God's - wise, genius
Bokey is a hero, a strong man
Boshai - independent, free
Burkan - proof, reason

Gabit is a minister
Ghani - rich, well-to-do, noble
Garifolla - patron saint
Gafu - Forgiving

Dandai - great, huge
Danial is a gift of god
Daniyar is a close friend
Darmen - energy, strength, power
Demeu - sponsor, support, help
Diyar - country, region, region
Duman - cheerful, happy

Edige - good, noble
Eleu - prominent, famous, respected
Yerasyl is the most expensive hero
Erbolat is a real man
Erden - dear hero
Yerdos is a responsible friend
Yerzhan - brave, brave
Ermek - fun
Ersayin is a remarkable hero
Yes - to grow
Esen - happy, healthy
Eskali - smart, sane

Zhagypar - spring, stream
Zhadiger - inheritance, relic
Jacquia is a long-liver
Spared - glorious, famous
Zhambyl - fortress
Jamshid - radiant
Jean is the soul
Zhanabil - father's soul
Zhanazar - liked by everyone
Zhanbolat - steel soul
Zhangali - brave like Ali
Zhangir is the patron saint of the world
Zhandos is a friend of all people
Gentoir is a beautiful soul
Jansha - Shah of All Souls
Zharas - fit, be fit
Zharylkasyn - God deigned
Zhetes - smart, reasonable
Zhirenshe is a long-liver
Zholan - lucky
Zholgai - bringing happiness, good luck
Zholdas is a reliable companion
Zhuman - a gem
Zhunis - pigeon
Zhusip is the name of the prophet, beautiful, beautiful

Zayyr - obvious, undoubted
Zakaria - Reminiscent
Zaki - shrewd, subtle
Ziyatbek - numerous bey
Zulkarnay - two-horned Alexander

Ilyas - strong, powerful

Kadyr - powerful, venerable
Kazhym - respected, respectable
Kaztugan - born a judge
Kairat - strength, energy
Kaisar - persistent, strong-willed
Kayym - existing forever
Kayyrgali - compassionate, kind
Kalka - support, defender of the homeland
Kambar - great power
Rope - wing (meaning wings of help, happiness, good luck)
Karasai is a giant of very great strength
Karim - generous, magnanimous
Karmys - common people
Kasiman - having pure faith
Kasymkhan is a historical figure
Kaharman is a powerful hero, a giant
Camel - mature, perfect
Kobei - multiply, grow
Kobzhan - large, huge
Kobylandy - a hero like a leopard

Magauiya - unharmed, delivered from troubles
Magzum - kept by God
Madi - material, material
Mazhit - glorious, commendable
Malik - king, lord
Mamazhan - support of parents
Manap - ruler, white bone
Manar (bey) - signal, beacon
Manas is a fearless hero
Mansour - conquering
Mardan - courageous, brave
Markhabat - merciful, kind
Matabi - authoritative, supreme judge
Maulen is a beneficent ruler
Makhambet - praised, worthy
Mashrap - character, disposition, desire
Medet (bey, buy) - help, support
Medeu - hope, desire
Miras - legacy, heir
Monke - silver, money
Mubarak is sacred
Muzaffar - Victorious
Mukagali - the mighty hero Ali
Murat - goal, desire, ideal
Musarali - rich, noble
Musirep - wasteful
Musa - the name of the prophet, literally - pulled out of the water
Mustafa - the chosen one, the chosen one
Mutalip - demanding, exacting
Muhit - ocean, environment
Mukhtar - especially chosen

Nabi - the messenger of the almighty
Nadir - rare, chosen
Nazarbay - parents who wished their children more attention from people gave such names
Nakyp - foreman, leader
Nariman - Fire Warrior
Noyan - head of tumen, tsarevich
Nurlybek - shining, emitting light, warmth
Nurpeis - the radiance of paradise
Nursultan - the shining sultan
Nygmet - prosperity, happiness

Omar - living, living
Ongar - adjusting, correcting
Oraz - wealth, luck, happiness
Oraz-Muhammad - happy, successful, rich Muhammad
Oral (bai, bek) - a name derived from the name of the Oral river

Ordabay is a name derived from the name of the capital (Oral)
Raiymbek - merciful, kind bey
Rais - chairman
Rakym - merciful
Rauan - soul, life
Rahman - the gracious
Rashit - prudent, brave
Rustem - brave, strong, mighty
Rustem - mighty in stature, hero

Sabaz is a brave man, well done, daring horseman
Sabit - steadfast, unshakable, faithful
Sagit - lucky, prosperous
Saimasai - very similar to his parents, worthy of them
Saiyn is the best
Samat - eternal, permanent
Sanzhar - piercing
Sauryk - a young stallion
Safuan - granite stone
Sakhi - generous, good-natured
Seyit - lord dear
Seyfolla - Sharper than a Sword
Serali - bold as a lion
Serke - a baked goat, in a figurative sense - a leader, a leader
Sugir - to lead
Suyinbai - rich in joy
Suyeu - support, support
Suleimen - peaceful, protected
Sultan - supreme ruler
Syrbai - born on the banks of the Syr River
Raw - patient, hardy

Tagay - maternal relative
Taimas - stubborn, stubborn, not deviating from his goal
Tayyr - high flying
Takaui - offspring, generation
Talip - knowledge seeker, student
Talmas - not tired, not tired
Targyn - angry, formidable
Tauman is huge, like a mountain
Taufik - grateful
Teljan - feeding from two mothers
Temirtas - strong as iron and stone
Temirkhan - iron man

Uays - strong, energetic
Huacap - generous, noble
Wali - ruler
Ulan is a dandy, well done
Umbet - society

Hamza - a medicinal plant
Hamit - harmless
Hafiz - keeper, overseer

Shadi - joyful, cheerful
Shakarim - the minister
Sharip - respected, glorious, holy
Shashubai - generous, good-natured
Sherkhan - brave as a lion
Shona is a wolf
Shora - lord, ruler

Ybyray is the father of peoples
Ydyras - diligent
Yksan - graceful, bright
Yskak - laughing

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