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The meta-law of the "outcast"

All laws, good and bad, must be followed with utmost precision.

Cooper's metasacon

New laws also create new loopholes.

Metazacon Lilly

All laws are imitation of reality.

Persig's postulate

The number of reasonable hypotheses explaining any given phenomenon is infinite.

Final Result Principle

By definition, when you explore the unknown, you don't know what you'll find.

Law of innovation

If you want the team to win the high jump, find one person who can jump seven feet, rather than seven people jumping one foot each.

Trishman's paradoxes

The pipe gives an intelligent person time to think, and a fool to hold something in his mouth.

Churchill's Commentary on Man

From time to time a person stumbles over the truth, but more often than not he jumps up and cheerfully continues to walk.

Haldane's Law

The universe is not only more unusual than we imagine, it is more unusual than we can imagine.

Hare watching

The auditor always comes at the wrong time.

Observing Masufile

Over the years the stairs are steeper, the prices are higher.

Schiller's law

Truth does not suffer in the least if someone does not recognize it.

Mark Twain's hypothesis

Apparently, there is nothing in the world that could not happen.

Fowler's note

The only imperfect creation of nature is man.

Ladbeterr's score

The ordinary, average person is completely unaware of the extent of his ignorance.

Longfellow's law of substitution

When nature leaves a hole in someone's mind, she usually covers it up with a thick layer of complacency.

Axiom of Aquinas

What the gods get away with is not forgiven to the cows.

Kipling's axiom

Everyone is crazy about something.

Huxley's paradox

The great tragedy of science is the destruction of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.

O'Malley's axiom

A hole is just nothing, but you can break your neck in it too.

Johnson's axiom

Anyone can do nothing.

Ionesco's axiom

There are things that even headless people come to mind.

Racine axiom

Not everything that can be done with impunity should be done.

Ford axiom

There is no thing that cannot be improved.

Cole's axiom

The total amount of intelligence on the planet is a constant value, and the population is growing ...

Ducharma's axiom

If you look closely enough at the problem, you will see yourself as part of the problem.

Placebo Tuwim

If you are holding an elephant by its hind leg and it breaks free, it is best to let it go.

Optimum by Robert Frost

The best way out is always through and through.

Enon's laws

1. There are rules for choosing a solution, but there are no rules for choosing these rules.

2. The only practical problem is "what to do next?"

3. Don't ask people questions to which they have no definite opinion or to which they will not answer truthfully.

Peter Jr. and Hull's Law

The means is more important than the goal; papers are more important than what they were originally created for.

Emerson's law

There are many things in the world about which a rational person might wish to remain ignorant.

Prutkov's law

Many things are incomprehensible to us, not because our concepts are weak, but because these things are not included in the range of our concepts.

Karl Marx's assessment

Ignorance is demonic power, and we fear that it will cause many more tragedies.

Martin Jr.'s law

Solving the problem changes the problem itself.

Competition Law for Tsvetov

Stepping on your heels, grab the throat.

The division of labor by Akio Morita

Lawyers are busy cutting the pie, engineers making it bigger.

Dijiovanni's law

A number of laws seek to fill all the space available for publication.

Jaffa's saying

There are things that we cannot know, but it is impossible to know what these things are.

Muir's law

When we try to pull out one thing, it turns out that it is connected with everything else.

Match's Law

Better a horrible end than endless horror.

Newton's little-known seventh law

A titmouse is safer in the hands than a crane overhead.

The last law

If several troubles could have happened at the same time, but this did not happen, in the end it is better if they did happen.

Rogers' observation of laws

The higher the authority, the less they value Murphy's law, Peter's principle, etc.

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