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Meaning of the name

Milena means "sweetheart" in Old Slavonic.


Little Milena is most often the only child in an intelligent family, so she is pampered, caressed, which sometimes becomes the reason for some infantilism of her character. The girl is rather weak, sluggish, she has a bad appetite, she is lazy, but kind and agreeable.

During her school years, Milena does not show independence and activity, classmates and teachers constantly take care of her. Growing up, Milena learns to make decisions on her own.

Adult Milena, especially if she was born in winter, has a complex and contradictory character, stubbornness, grumpiness. She loves to impose her opinion, requires increased attention to herself. Milena is looking for communication, but it is not easy to communicate with her, so she does not have very many friends.

Born in the summer, Milena is more emotional, less demanding of others. Often, even after marriage, she prefers to live with her parents, because she cannot do without their help.

Milena's difficult character serves as an obstacle to friendly communication with her, but she has a strong need for the attention of others, therefore she chooses professions that involve communication with people, and from a dominant position.

Most often, Milena becomes an economist, doctor or nurse, saleswoman, teacher, accountant or engineer.


Milena is very attractive in appearance, loves to dress beautifully, prefers exquisite jewelry, expensive cosmetics and perfumes. She has many admirers who admire her beauty and grace.

However, Milena is distinguished by some mental coldness, lack of emotionality, indifference to someone else's joy, and to someone else's grief. She will willingly listen to you, perhaps express agreement or sympathy, but only in words.

Only a very few of Mylene are gifted with warmth and kindness. She experiences her own problems rather hard, seeks to share with someone, "pour out her soul."

Milena, as a rule, is not a leader in the family; this role is assigned to her husband. She is very jealous, but shows enviable tolerance in family life, forgives her husband a lot.

In bed, she also will not be the boss, her temperament is not very strong and her sexual fantasy is not particularly developed. A man with a calm character and an average level of sexual activity will suit her.

Milena is not an ideal hostess, but she is extremely hospitable, she can surprise guests with excellent serving and delicious dishes.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio, Pisces.


The word Milena gives the impression of something safe, kind, gentle, feminine, small.

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