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Altankhuyag - gold chain mail
Altangerel - golden light
Arvay - barley

Bagabandi - little novice
Badma - lotus
Batar - hero
Baatarzhargal - heroic happiness
Baatachuluun - heroic stone
Basan - Friday, Venus
Basaan - Friday, Venus
Bayar - a holiday
Byabma - Saturday, Saturn
Byambasuren - guarded by Saturn
Byaslag - cheese

Ganbaatar - steel hero
Ganzorig - Steel Willpower
Ganjuur - golden light
Ganhuyag - steel chain mail
Goond - cumin

Davaa - Monday, Moon
Damdinsuren - held by Hayagriva
Danzan - the holder of the teachings
Danjuur - golden light
Dzhambul - fortress
Jargal - bliss
Jochi - the son of Genghis Khan
Dolgoon - calm, quiet, soft
Dorje - Vajra
Delgar - wide, abundant, spacious

Erden is a jewel

Jadamba - eight thousandth, Prajnaparamita sutra
Jamyanmyadag - sosyuriya (plant)
Jargal - happiness, bliss

Lhagwa - Wednesday, Mercury
Lianghua - lotus

Monkh Orgil - the eternal peak
Munh - eternal
Munhdalai - the eternal sea
Mergen - marksman
Myagmar - Tuesday, Mars

Naran - the sun
Naranbaatar - solar hero
Ninjbadgar - swimsuit (plant)
Nohoy is a dog
Nugai - dog
Nerguy - nameless
Yum - Sunday, sun
Neamtso - Sunday
Nyambu - Sunday

Oktay - understanding
Ongots - plane
Ochir Thunder Ax
Ochirbat - strong like a vajra
Oyun - wise
Oyuungarel - light of wisdom

Purev - Thursday, Jupiter
Purevbaatar - bogatyr born on Thursday

Sohor is a blind man
Sukhe-Bator - a hero with an ax
Sergelen - cheerful
Serzhmadag - poppy

Tarkhan is a craftsman
Tendzin - the holder of the teachings
Tugal - calf
Tumur - iron
Tumurzorig - iron determination
Tumurhuyag - iron armor
Turgen - fast
Thuja - ray
Terbish is not the same

Ulziy - prosperous
Udvar - catchment (plant)
Undes - root
Unur - rich

Hagan is a great ruler
Haliun - bun
Khulan the wild horse
Hulgana - mouse
Hunbish is not a man

Tsagaan - white
Tsogtgerel - the light of the flame
Tserendorj - vajra of long life
Tseren - long-lived

Chagatai - child
Chagdarzhav - guarded by four-armed
Genghis Khan - the great khan

Shona is a wolf

Elbegdorj - Abundant Dorje
Enebisch is not this

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