Murphology and art

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The first rule of acting

Whatever happens, pretend it was meant to be.

Jones Publishing Act

Individual errors always go unnoticed until the book hits the shelves.

Bloch Corollary

On the very first page of the signal copy of his book disclosed by the author, he will immediately come across the most gross error.

The laws of the semi-professional photographer.

1. The best shots are folded right after the film runs out.

2. The other best shots are usually taken with a closed lens.

Fuller's Law

The further away from us a natural disaster or accident occurs, the more dead and injured it takes to become a media-worthy event.

Jones law

The originality and novelty of the material is just the art of hiding your source.

The design principle of works of art

The cost of the frame exceeds the cost of the artwork itself.

Süsmen's investigation

People who bargain heavily over the price of a painting will not say a word about the amount requested by the frame manufacturer.

Laws for free shooters and free artists.

1. High-paying urgent work turns up only after you have taken up other urgent work - low-paid.

2. All urgent work must be completed on the same day.

3. Urgent work on which you spent all night, no one will need for at least two next days.

Elin's law for theater

The tallest person in the audience will sit right in front of you, and only after it is too late for you to look for another place.

Observation by Thomas Eliot

Some critics and editors are failed writers, but the same is true for most writers.

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