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Meaning of the name

Ovid in translation from Old Russian means "savior".


Crybaby. A real punishment for parents. Stubborn, touchy and easily vulnerable child with an excitable nervous system. He is very close to his mother, and he looks like her.

Adults become irritable, without a sense of humor, but very kind. As a rule, deeply religious. Book lover, reads a lot of historical and spiritual literature.

Among those called by this name, there are many priests. They are the fathers of a large family, their wives are also deeply religious. Complex character, taciturn and careful. The troubles of life are treated with philosophical calm. Stubborn, talkative. In the morning he sleeps for a long time, lazy.

Ovid, born in winter, is impulsive, hardworking, deceitful. With age, the character changes.

Ovid, born in summer, is indecisive, modest, and does not marry for a long time. He is squeamish, so he does not go to visit, preferring to receive friends at home.


Ovid is collected, loves order in everything, careful with women. He strives for clarity and simplicity in intimate relationships, but shyness complicates his love affairs. His sexual capabilities are high, but his partner is more amazed by his attention to her, affection and warmth during intimate meetings.

Ovid is able to satisfy the most sophisticated partner, his love preludes are exquisite, the touch to the erogenous zones is especially gentle, the excitement is great, which contributes to the early onset of orgasm in a woman.

Amorous play increases sexual arousal not only in Ovid, but also in his partner; petting is a great addition to normal sexual intercourse.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Ovid gives the impression of something light and bright.

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