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A man with a patronymic Leonidovich has a contradictory character, which makes him unpredictable in his actions: he can be flexible, reasonable and benevolent, and on the other hand, he can prove himself impulsive, stubborn and cunning, i.e. a person with whom it is difficult to find a common language.

At some moments, he completely loses his sense of humor and perceives any, even completely harmless joke addressed to him as a blood offense. This quality makes it very difficult to communicate with them. With new acquaintances, the Leonidovichs have difficulty in getting along.

In family life, they are not always lucky, but if the marriage still persists, then they are happy to help their wife with the housework, take care of the children, walk with them, entertain them, although they devote most of their time to work.

Leonidovichs are attracted by technology, they can graduate from any technical university, although they do not always work in their specialty. The morning hours are torture for them, they want to sleep, lie in bed longer.

They pay great attention to their appearance, spend a lot of time in front of the mirror before leaving the house, carefully think over every detail in their toilet. Almost all Leonidovichs have a sweet tooth.

Winter-born Leonidovichs are distinguished by their great efficiency. In a conversation, they prefer to listen rather than speak, they try not to interrupt the interlocutor.

But those born in the spring are good orators, they can be heard, they are wonderful storytellers, in their judgments they are objective. They are passionate about numismatics and collect a good library of detective novels.

Women with a patronymic Leonidovna with a rather complex, very peculiar character. They are straightforward, can offend a person with harsh words and criticism, do not show any flexibility, which sometimes repels people from communicating with them.

They clearly have overestimated self-esteem and great conceit. These women are selfish, arrogant and withdrawn. But sometimes behind this cold mask a very vulnerable soul is hidden, which suffers because of its difficult nature.

They pay a lot of attention to their appearance, they can spend hours in hairdressing and beauty salons, or discussing every detail of their wardrobe with a dressmaker, they never dress from the market in order to be different from everyone.

Leonidovny likes the opposite sex, they have a lot of fans, but despite this, they get married late. By nature, they "owls" love to sleep in the morning, to soak in a warm bed for a long time, morning wakes are difficult for them. But in the evening they are full of energy for a long time and can move mountains, redo a lot of things.

They are very picky, they choose a worthy man for a long time, but the choice is often unsuccessful. Leonidovna love home comfort, create a comfortable environment in the house.

These women are good housewives, in their house there are many hand-made crafts, they are often pampered with culinary delights at home. They make faithful, faithful wives and caring mothers.

The owners of such a middle name are ready to spend hours with children, walk with them, entertain them, as they love them selflessly. If they have to separate from their husband, they will not marry again.

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