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Men with the patronymic Tarasovich are distinguished by their persistent, stubborn and assertive character. They are strong-minded people with unshakable principles and clear opinions.

They have a deeply developed sense of self-esteem, such men know what they want, and always stubbornly and clearly move towards their goal. Moreover, it is not worth getting in their way, because sometimes the Tarasovichi can become aggressive and then those who interfere with the achievement of what they want will not be served.

These men are extremely independent, they are used to relying only on their own strengths in everything and trust only their eyes, not relying on the opinions of others.

The Tarasovichi love to be in the spotlight in large companies and especially among women. By nature, these are attractive, intelligent and self-confident men, and such qualities have always aroused genuine interest in the opposite sex.

True, the Tarasovichs are in no hurry to tie the knot and sometimes even remain lonely for life, freedom and the ability to do what they want is in the first place for them.

But the work takes a lot of time, here the Tarasovichs show themselves from their best sides, work hard, learn to overcome the most difficult situations and do everything competently and on time, so a career for these men is usually successful and fast enough.

Tarasovna are charming, interesting and quite calm women by nature. They know how to find a common language with other people and do it without difficulty, because with such well-read and having a good sense of humor, women are always pleasant to spend time with.

The Tarasovs have many friends who value their care, devotion and responsiveness, the ability to substitute a shoulder in difficult times and support with a kind word.

At the same time, they are purposeful and assertive women who know what they want and how to achieve it, since they are naturally endowed with a flexible and capacious mind, which allows them to achieve what they want without hindrance.

True, no one can blame them for the absence of hard work, responsibility and perseverance, because the Tarasovny get everything they deserve. They prefer to spend their free time as varied as possible, either go to the gym, or attend exhibitions, concerts or go out with friends to nature.

Houses are wonderful housewives who love cleanliness and order. Tarasovny marries for love and often once, because family life develops successfully when there is mutual understanding and harmony.

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