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The Vsevolodovichs give the impression of calm, reasonable, even somewhat phlegmatic men. They do not like idle talk, they prefer to remain silent, often without even entering into fundamental quarrels, preferring to simply give in.

The Vsevolodovichs love staunchness in everything, some kind of emergency, urgent decisions and actions are not for them - it's better to think it over a hundred times. Accordingly, they try to find a quiet, calm, routine work for themselves. Working with papers is suitable for them, they are undemanding, as they are afraid of responsibility.

In communication, the Vsevolodovichs are friendly, willingly make contact, but the problems of other people do not particularly bother them.

These men are big fans of comfort, appreciate comfort and tranquility. Vsevolodovich are great couch potatoes, they do not like travel trips - for them this is an extra fuss and discomfort.

The Vsevolodovichs rarely marry at an early age; they live with their parents for a long time. They demand the maximum satisfaction of their needs for peace and comfort from the wife and are sincerely perplexed when they hear that the wife needs attention.

Vsevolodovna are stubborn, just inveterate disputants. They are not stopped by the realization that they are wrong.

These women are scattered, prone to distraction from the subject of conversation, the focus of attention. In general, it is difficult for them to concentrate on a permanent occupation, since the field of interest is too vast.

But that occupation, which Vsevolodovna will be really carried away, will be given maximum attention and strength.

These women are very fond of diversity in everything - in the style of clothing, in interlocutors, in the choice of lifestyle.

Vsevolodovny love tourism, travel and categorically do not accept loneliness, so they surround themselves with a large number of friends. It is easy to draw them into a conflict, but the Vsevolodovny quickly withdraw and are not at all rancorous.

These women rarely make good wives and housewives, although, despite the neglect of the house, they love to cook.

Vsevolodovna are wonderful mothers, for their children they are not only a mentor, but also a sincere friend.

Such a reverent attitude towards children leads to the fact that women with such a patronymic often choose the profession of educators and teachers.

Vsevolodovna, due to their windy nature, often fall in love and get married, but they do not find their happiness in their first marriage.

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