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Zakharovich's character is very complex and principled. Analytical thinking. It is about them that they say that they are looking for trouble for themselves. Stubborn, quick-tempered and vulnerable, but hardworking, they will master any business, they do the work carefully and efficiently, they design, construct, invent without any help, thinking everything over in advance.

The Zakharovichs are very calculating and economical. They can build both a machine and a car from scrap metal. They are fond of wood inlay. However, they take on something, if it is profitable for them, if not, then they refuse and immediately talk about it.

They achieve everything in life themselves. They have golden hands, but they try to work alone, so that there are no commanders above them. Stay away from the bosses. They prefer night work, it is difficult for them to get up in the morning. They need to be forced to do something.

Usually the talents of the Zakharovichs are revealed and success comes to them after thirty years. It is rather difficult to communicate with them. The Zakharovichs very hard converge and part with people, but, having opened themselves, they become gentle and attentive. By losing touch with them, you will retain fond memories of your friendship.

The Zakharovichs are very patient, but if patience bursts, an explosion or nervous stress may occur. But by themselves they are not in conflict, although sometimes they are ready to argue with their parents (often with the mother) over trifles. And this despite the fact that they often live with their parents. They do not marry for a long time, they are very picky and are determined to be leaders in the family, therefore they choose calm, docile wives for themselves.

Zakharovich's wife will have to get used to the idea that her faithful will spend most of his life outside the hearth. They love travel, they are very hospitable. They have something arbitrary about the family. Everything must flow within the limits prescribed by them.

Children, and the Zakharovichs often have girls, are loved. Very jealous. This is passed on to them from their father.

The Zakharovichs do not like to go shopping. It's hard to get them to do something at home. Yes, they have no time, basically their life is spent at work. They are not very neat, they can come, throw their things anywhere, and then look for them.

A woman with such a patronymic has a strong will, a masculine character. Unpredictable, very impressionable. A pronounced individuality, it is difficult not to notice it, always stands out among friends. She has analytical thinking, developed intuition.

Before doing anything, Zakharovna will carefully think over everything, draw up a plan of action. In a conversation, she is correct, tactful, tries not to offend the interlocutor. She is smart, quickly grasps the essence of the problem.

Zakharovna is reliable at work, you can rely on her. Sincere with friends, willingly gives practical advice. It is a fortress for the weaker, always ready to rush to the defense of the offended, to help the neighbor.

Zakharovna is a little impatient, fussy, but controls herself well. Tolerant of shortcomings, accepts people for who they are. Very curious. Does not believe in predictions, realistically evaluates events. Zakharovna is straightforward, that she thinks, she speaks, she is not afraid to express dissatisfaction in the eyes of her colleague or her boss.

There is something immediate in her nature that makes her even more attractive. Many people like her, but she also has a lot of envious people. Too trusting, poorly versed in people, which is why she experiences frequent disappointments. She pays a lot of attention to her appearance, dresses tastefully, always smart, elegant.

Zakharovna is too sensual, vulnerable, but carefully hides it from prying eyes. Guided by reason, knows the value of everyone, is loyal to friends, devoted to the cause. She is charming and has good manners. It is difficult to piss her off. However, she is very demanding of her subordinates and colleagues.

When the cup of patience is overflowing, Zakharovna may flare up, but quickly pulls herself together and feels awkward. Able to absorb a lot of information and extract something useful from it. She is in dire need of variety, a change of impression, otherwise her life becomes boring and empty.

Zakharovna does not tolerate phlegmatic people, they irritate her. He tries to associate with an elite society, makes acquaintances easily. Quickly converges and quickly separates. She does not know how to adapt to those who do not appeal to her, even if they may be useful to her. True to her ideals, she always remains herself.

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