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Meaning of the name

Pauline in translation from Greek means "significant", "belonging to Apollo", "solar"; translated from Latin means "small".


Since childhood, Polina has been distinguished by her benevolence, responsiveness, and selflessness. She always sympathizes with someone else's grief and knows how to share the joy of friends, since the feeling of envy is completely unfamiliar to her. Her love extends not only to close people, but also to all living things nearby.

At school, she is a diligent student, the first assistant to teachers, a faithful friend. She has many friends among classmates, she can be safely entrusted with a secret - something, and Polina knows how to keep secrets. Very neat and clean.

Adult Polina is reliable, thorough, takes on any job. This is often used by her colleagues and bosses, dumping a lot of tasks and activities on a reliable woman.

However, her reliability has a limit, and one fine day she simply presents the job description to the employees and refuses to take on those duties that she is not supposed to perform according to this very instruction.

However, in order to calmly defend her opinion, Polina sometimes simply does not have enough self-control - she often breaks down, unable to pacify the surge of emotions overwhelming her.

Polina's career is of little interest, she is not at all ambitious, she prefers a job that would give her the opportunity to be at home more.


Polina is charming, charming and sociable, able to maintain a conversation on any topic, she feels great in any, even the most sophisticated society. To fans, she seems proud and unapproachable, but this is only at first glance - in fact, Polina is very responsive, sensual and sexy.

True, she is not at all inclined to idealize the chosen one, so a fan of her beauty and talent will have to try a lot to deserve the attention of this woman. But if Polina gives someone an objective, good assessment, it means that this person is really dear to her and deserves her respect.

Polina's first marriage is not always successful, but failure does not force her to withdraw into herself or dislike men. This attractive, intelligent, sweet and caring woman will not be alone for long. Her second marriage is most often successful.

Having married, Polina becomes a wonderful life friend for her chosen one - her kindness and forgiveness are truly limitless. Polina is not jealous, extramarital affairs, lovers and infidelities are alien to her.

Polina devotes a lot of time to household chores, and if possible, she completely devotes herself to the role of a housewife. She cooks well, maintains perfect cleanliness and comfort in the house.


Light blue.

A rock

Ruby, selenite.

Zodiac sign

Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn.


The word Polina gives the impression of something weak, quiet.

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