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Meaning of the name

Raisa translated from ancient Greek means "easy", "compliant", "submissive".


Little Raisa, at first glance, is a quiet, shy, inconspicuous girl. However, she is the "soul of the company" from an early age. No, I didn't, but the soul, which unites together people who are sometimes very different in character and temperament.

She studies well at school, enjoys authority among classmates, growing up, manifests herself as a confident, independent girl who decisively asserts her position. She does not allow anyone to sit on her neck, she defends herself from offenders using pressure, force, and sometimes outright rudeness.

Adult Raisa is smart and careful, she looks at life soberly, treats people kindly, but demanding, does not tolerate deception - she breaks off relations with liars once and for all.

The character of this woman is by no means sentimental - in some cases she is able to show purely masculine rigidity. Obligatory and punctual, has a sharp mind, an excellent worker, in her chosen field of activity she is able to achieve great success.

When achieving this goal, Raisa shows perseverance and perseverance, guided only by her own interests or benefit. She does not give in to someone else's influence, but she herself can easily force others to do what she needs at the moment. He remembers the offense for a long time, and can wait for years for a favorable moment to take revenge.

Raisa has many friends, she is extremely hospitable and loves to visit herself. In any company she feels light and at ease, karaoke and songs with a guitar are her favorite pastimes.

Alcoholic drinks have a very strong effect on her body, so Raisa should drink them in small quantities so as not to get into an unpleasant situation.


A beautiful and sociable woman with impeccable taste, intelligent and talented woman will never go unnoticed. Since Raisa has all of the above virtues, is it any wonder that she has many fans?

Raisa perfectly controls her hot temperament, never throws herself on the neck of the first man she likes, preferring to get to know the person better first.

Raisa feels falseness a mile away, so she is unlikely to become a victim of a gigolo or a womanizer. With a person who has tender feelings for her, gentle and attentive, she is calm and relaxed, in bed she can show just the same fiery temperament, enjoy intimacy and deliver unforgettable erotic sensations to her partner.

In family life, Raisa is faithful and truthful, it is better to keep silent than to dodge. she gets along well with her mother-in-law, she is clean, she cooks well, although she does not like to stand at the stove. With much greater pleasure and diligence, Raisa will design her apartment, if funds allow - she will often change furniture and other interior items.

Raisa is extremely perceptive, at first glance she can determine in what mood the husband returned home, she will also immediately feel betrayal, but she will not throw tantrums and arrange scenes for her wife, most likely, she will simply withdraw into herself for a long time, continuing to regularly perform the role of mistress.


Gray green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces.


The word Raisa gives the impression of something majestic, courageous, strong, cold, loud, brave, powerful, big, mobile, active, bright.

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